GRUB2 Deadpool Theme

GRUB Themes by satyakami
Deadpool Theme For Grub2.Debian, Ubuntu, Solus, Arch, Manjaro, Gentoo, CentOs, Fedora, OpenSUSE Etc SupportedMethod 1:Install Using grub-customizerMethod 2:Visit Github For Instructions https://github.com/satyakami/grub2-deadpool-theme
5 .0
Aug 05 2020

Linux Mind

GRUB Themes by corto44
Linux in mind..[ubuntu 16.04 (grub 1280x1024 / screen 1920x1080)]Possible to download a similar plymouth theme
6 .0
Jul 07 2020

Matter GRUB Theme v1.0.0

GRUB Themes by mateosss
Matter is an easy to install customizable theme that comes with good defaults and lets you customize colors, sizes, fonts, and icons as you please.- Download: https://github.com/mateosss/matter#download- Installation/Quickstart: https://github.com/mateosss/matter#quick-start- More Info:...
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6 .0
Jul 05 2020

Ecological grub

GRUB Themes by corto44
Ecology reminder (updated)
5 .0
Jun 25 2020

Linux's diamond

GRUB Themes by corto44
A shining diamond for your grub menu...[ubuntu 16.04 (grub 1280x1024 / screen 1920x1080)]Possible to download the same theme for plymouth
5 .0
Jun 13 2020

4CLIX-burg 2020-06

GRUB Themes by fenario
Burg still works well on BIOS systems. A colourful theme for the bootscreen.to be placed in folder: /boot/burg/themes/Included in the pack are new icons for new classes:ubuntugnome quirky win ubuntufocal and my own system 4CLIXalso includes the lists in the icon folder. replace the whole icon...
5 .0
Jun 01 2020


GRUB Themes by corto44
Tribute to an anonymous british (?) street artist Same theme available for plymouth [ubuntu 16.04 (grub 1280x1024 / screen 1920x1080)][updated]
5 .4
May 22 2020

scenic_view 1.0

GRUB Themes by jacktenor
This is my hacked up version of the dark_squares grub2 theme built by DreamDragon. I know next to nothing about grub so please use at your own risk.This is designed for a 1920x1080 and could cause problems if incompatible.Usually all you need for install is extract files somewhere (like...
5 .0
May 18 2020

Dracula 1.0.0

GRUB Themes by zshzero
A GRUB 2 Dracula Theme
5 .0
May 10 2020

La Linea

GRUB Themes by corto44
Tribute to a vintage cartoon La Linea by O. CavandoliSame theme available for a plymouth animated cartoon [ubuntu 16.04 (grub 1280x1024 / screen 1920x1080)]
5 .0
May 10 2020