Radio-Player 3.5

Nautilus Scripts by sivia81
There are changes in the creation of playlists is reduced fragmentation (break) of the connection:New skins fail replace the original radio player with skins and rename again radio player:Added option to create a playlist of music the entire directory:Plasma stay tune her from the terminal:MENU ...
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Sep 17 2012

Radio-Player 3.4

Nautilus Scripts by sivia81
New Features 'ctrl + c' menu, the player stays open after pressing the 'c' to create plailist.You can interrupt the session 'ctrl + c' and remain on the menu.Skins are ready simply change the name of the radio player.Plasma works 'setting from the terminal.'Saves up to 10 radio stations.
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Sep 13 2012

Radio-Player 3.2

Nautilus Scripts by sivia81
Fix erorr player :# BUTTONS :# DOWN: ( - = / ) # UP: ( + = * ) # PAUSE: ( space )# EXIT: ( Esc ) # You can save up to 10 radio-stations simultaneously :# Record radio just change
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Sep 11 2012

Radio-Player 3.0

Nautilus Scripts by sivia81
new features are launched and new layouts scripts still maintained all the menus in the terminal plasma
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Sep 10 2012

Radio-Player terminal

Nautilus Scripts by sivia81
You can save up to 16 radio-stations simultaneously: Record radio just change (melody is saved in ogg format either ( mp3|wav|ogg|wma|mp1|mp2|asf|mid|rmi|mod|s3|xm|it|aac ) for easy handling when cutting :Player :MP3 player plays (mp3|wav|ogg|wma|mp1|mp2|asf|mid|rmi|mod|s3|xm|it|aac) :
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Aug 31 2012

Upload to Imgur

Nautilus Scripts by nevon
This is a relatively simple script to upload one or more image files to http://imgur.com/. If you try to upload an image file or any other type of file that is not permitted, the script will simply skip them.To install, simply run the install script.Usage is incredibly simple. Just select the...
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Aug 24 2012

Radio-Player 'terminal'

Nautilus Scripts by sivia81
# Record radio just change URL (melody is saved in ogg format either (mp2, mp3, wav) for easy handling when cutting if you want to record # directly into mp3 format only need to replace ogg to mp3 in a string) :# If want to convert ogg, FLACK, mp4, mp2 to mp3 or vice versa, with only user rights...
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Aug 23 2012

temp-exit.sh 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by FrankRock
This script suspend the computer if CPU is => (greater than or equal) of 68 CĀ°Put this script in application start.Necessary install lm-sensors to work...Sorry my English ;)FrankRock74.it
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Aug 18 2012

Radio* terminal "Record radio stream"

Nautilus Scripts by sivia81
# Based on Radiomaster :# GPL :# INFO : Just start :# Create a launcher of programs# Right click on Programs - New starter# Type: Program in Terminal:# Name: Radio*# Command : /bin/radio*# sudo apt-get install lame mplayer gnome-schedule# cd /home/*/Radio*/# sudo cp radio* /bin/# sudo cp...
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Aug 17 2012

Player* for terminal

Nautilus Scripts by sivia81
# 'Player*' Based on Random-Music.sh :# Requires mplayer: sudo apt-get install mplayer :# Directions :# - Put this script inside your ~/.gnome/nautilus-scripts folder :# - Once inside your nautilus-scripts folder, it can be run one of two ways :# - 1. - right click any folder and it will...
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Aug 15 2012