svg2png 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by viridis
Take your nautilus selections, detect the scalable vector graphics (.svg) and converts it to png. The size of the output image must be specified by user, via zenity.If there is not current selection, it asks for files via zenity also.Dependencias/Depends on: zenity, inkscape.
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Jun 13 2012

Check-Gmail 2.0

Nautilus Scripts by FrankRock
Get new mail notificationexist in the notification link to gmailif you click link, open browser to gmail page.checks every 10 minutesinstructions for use:1-Fill the 4 variables with your data in script.2-variables:PASSWRD ; UTENTE ; SOUNDM ; ICON3-No Launch in Bash Terminal, only Launch!4-Insert...
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Jun 08 2012

hide-show-links 20120514

Nautilus Scripts by hardball
hide or show links in nautilus.more comfortable to search icons for example :)this script uses .hidden file.how to install:copy to ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/ and make this script executable.http://g-scripts.sourceforge.net/faq.phpplease report any bug !binaries/packages neededperl, zenity,...
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May 14 2012

My Movie Portal v3.2.8 3.2.8

Nautilus Scripts by iTechScripts
My Movie Portal v3.2.8 is now available for purchase. This is undoubtedly the finest clone of IMDB. Check out the new exiting features.. The script is coded in PHP/ MySQL and is highly customizable by the Admin. || Features => Unlimited Profile Creation, Unlimited Movie Upload, Unlimited...
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May 14 2012

Clonator icon 0.2.11

Nautilus Scripts by psychydyl
Needs imagemagic to run. Just works. Expand the archive and copy the script to caja or/and nautilus scripts folder. In older versions of mate, if $CAJA_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS in the script doesn't work, try putting the nautilus-scripts version into the mate-scripts folder...
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May 07 2012

View 0.0.3

Nautilus Scripts by keithhedger
This nautilus scripts displays the selected file(s) with either zentiy (for text files), gtkdialog (for picture files) or mplayer for movie files.Requires: Imagemagick,gtkdialog
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Mar 01 2012

List.txt .01

Nautilus Scripts by orbthefirst
Uses ls with the -R -U -X arguments and outputs it as a text file called List.txt in the folder you use it in. Great for large music, movie or comic collections! Remember to make it executable before putting it in your nautilus scripts folder-then restart nautilus. Done.Just something simple i...
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Feb 11 2012

gksu nautilus .01

Nautilus Scripts by orbthefirst
This was initially an experiment on my ectremely n00bish skills. It's quite simply the command 'gksu nautilus' typed into a text file and made executable. So..remember to make it executable after you download it. Then put it in your scripts folder, and restart nautilus.Done! USE: right click on...
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Feb 11 2012

Turbo-Secure (GPG & SSL Editions) v1.5

Nautilus Scripts by Dart00
Thank You for visiting the Official Turbo-Secure Project Page! === Intro: ===In Summery, Turbo-Secure is a series of Nautilus Scripts that allow you to safely and securely encrypt and secure your data. Its primary focus is on EASE-OF-USE and SPEED! It comes in 2 Editions, GPG Edition and SSL...
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Feb 01 2012

Compress image 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by soleilpqd
A simple script helps you decreasing image file size by reducing its quality.Require:zenityImageMagickgvfs-open
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Jan 17 2012