Cinnamon Themes by escortgoj
CBlack cinnamon theme with custom fonts applied and added transparency...all credit to the original developer ;)...this is just a slight tweak I wanted to share.
5 .0
Mar 15 2020

Azenis-One reworked and updated Cinnamon XFCE Mate 2.0

Cinnamon Themes by aravisian
Azenis-OneThis is similar to the Original Azenis theme made by J.J. Ying for Windowblinds Championship. He went back and made many changes, resulting in Azenis2 which won the championship.However, I believe that this theme has a lot to offer.I have made a few adjustments- some to make it More...
5 .8
Mar 09 2020

Ninja theme Reworked Cinnamon Mate XFCE 2.0

Cinnamon Themes by aravisian
Ninja was made by Don5318 for Wincustomize Windowblinds on MS Windows. For you dual Booters out there, be sure to check out his work.Don kindly granted permission to port this to Linux. I previously made a port to XFCE but making a port to Metacity/Mate/Cinnamon was a bit trickier because...
5 .0
Mar 07 2020

GT3 EX theme Cinnamon Mate XFCE with Icon set 2.0

Cinnamon Themes by aravisian
Reworked with my own flavor. ---UPDATE: Fixed tree-view sidebar----Includes many recent fixes on other themes including Thunar Pathbar Button. Theme and Icon set includes Cinnamon D.E. and the Cinnamon CS App icons.Older versions available on my page of this website.Two available versions:...
5 .0
Mar 06 2020

Advent Fusion Cinnamon Theme - NOCSD 1.0

Cinnamon Themes by aravisian
Advent Fusion; Some may get the reference. I wanted to avoid any Copyright troubles... But, Buster, if you have had a fantasy for a desktop theme that sorta resembles a well known game, this is your final chance to get it.This, however, is not the 7th in the series, but the first. And probably...
6 .7
Mar 07 2020

Prowler EX gtk3 Cinnamon Desktop Mate 1.0

Cinnamon Themes by aravisian
Prowler EX for Cinnamon Desktop theme.----UPDATE-----Completely (and at long last) Reworked from the ground up to resolve a variety of issues that bothered me.PLEASE REPORT ISSUES TO ME> Without that feedback, I will not necessarily know something is wrong. Yes, I am a novice, but I like to...
6 .3
Mar 04 2020

Azenis EX theme set for Cinnamon Mate Desktop incl NOCSD 1.0.0

Cinnamon Themes by aravisian
I would like to expand my learning horizons and make many themes for Cinnamon. Especially with XFCE 4.16 looking like it intends to send XFCE into the land of Dodo's and Dinosaurs.Gradients will be more required here and there... And, I have had to learn how to make Metacity-3 themes, as...
6 .5
Mar 05 2020

Cloudy-Cinnamon 1.0

Cinnamon Themes by g-nome
Themes Cinnamon Themes base on Arc-Themes. Files Available only dark & light variants with several color accents : Cloudy-Light-Blue Cloudy-Dark-Blue Cloudy-Light-Grey Cloudy-Dark-Grey Installation Download Files and then, extract archive File on the directory /.themes or...
5 .8
Jan 26 2020

Suru 1.2

Cinnamon Themes by Brahimsalem
- compatible with cinnamon 4.4.5 (Linux Mint 19.3)- 3 versions- GTK theme included1. remove Menu applet before applying theme2. Set icon theme to 32px
5 .0
Jan 08 2020

Menta-Chamfer 1.2

Cinnamon Themes by Brahimsalem
Menta with chamfer
5 .0
Dec 17 2019