Various Artwork by gkhnt
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Jan 12 2009

Slackware CD cover

Various Artwork by madsheytan
Hi, this is my Slackware CD cover i done yesterday. Background from KDE 4 wallpaper done by vladstudio.com and you can find it here: http://vladstudio.com/pl/wallpaper/?519 It's polish language version, but i'm gonna do english too. Hope you like it ;)
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Jul 28 2008

planux splach experimental

Various Artwork by kris-badinga
This is an idea for the planux bootsplach (not definitive version).
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Jul 21 2008

Debian NeXt Generation Wallpaper (Demo)

Various Artwork by nameless89
This is a dream of the new Debian-logo... (The original size is 1600x1200)
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Jun 07 2008


Various Artwork by narmo
Simple SVG bubble. Made in Inkscape.
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May 30 2008

VL-Onice 0.1

Various Artwork by oMasta0
VL-Onice was created for a contest http://www.vectorlinux.com/forum2/index.php?topic=6378 I placed this here to share with everyone. Hope you like it.
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May 25 2008

Linux Inside

Various Artwork by racefan
Zoomie pinstripe artwork with Linux Inside created with Gimp, Showfoto. Hope you like it!?
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May 10 2008

Black matter

Various Artwork by GutsyRabbit
This is how i imagine black matter will look.
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Mar 02 2008

fedora 9 logo

Various Artwork by fengshaun
This is my second artwork. Done with inkscape. I hope you like it :) leave comments if you think I can make it better, or just download it, manipulate it and upload it again :D I'd be happy to see this logo turned into something lookable. It doesn't have any color yet, because I didn't know...
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Feb 16 2008

My Art Work

Various Artwork by oyet
hope you like it :)
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Jan 14 2008