Kblocks Snappy

Board by dummy
Snap Image for KBlocks
6 .3
Feb 06 2017

KloseCircuit 0.3

Board by somekool
KloseCircuit is a multiplayer game which does not support networking yet, but includes good AI and is easily playable by more than one human on the same computer. The purpose is to complete the board, and the player who gets the most squares is the winner. all comments are welcome.
5 .0
Jan 30 2004

Atlantik 0.7.1

Board by Capzilla
Atlantik is the leading open-source game client for Monopoly-like board games to be played on the monopd network. Atlantik is available for computers running the KDE Desktop Environment. Supported platforms are Linux, BSD and other operation systems running KDE.
5 .0
Mar 03 2006

KrossWordPlayer 1.4

Board by epasveer
KrossWordPlayer is a KDE program to play AcrossLite crossword puzzles.
5 .0
Jan 08 2004

Spacehulk 1.5 beta1

Board by romvinot
Space Hulk is a board game which takes place in the world of Warhammer 40000. It is a two player turn-based game where one player plays the 'Marine', and the other player plays the alien called 'Genestealer'. This video game is a complete conversion of the board game with the 2nd edition rules....
5 .0
Jan 25 2004

qGO 1.5.3

Board by yfh2
Go is an ancient boardgame, very common in Japan, China and Korea.qGo is a Go client and full featured SGF editor, available for Linux/Windows and MacOS X. qGo code is C++/Qt and it's free.
5 .0
Jan 09 2007

KWappen 1.1.5

Board by jschulz
KWappen is a colorful KDE3.1 board game. The goal of the game is to eliminate the game tiles as quickly as possible. The game is solved if every column has one tile or no tiles. The game is not a clone of any other board game, and the rules of the game are entirely unique. KWappen requires a...
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5 .0
Jul 03 2004

KSlide 1.0.1

Board by coquelle
KSlide is a simple puzzle game compatible with the K Desktop Environment. The playing principle of KSlide is very simple. From a square set of tiles, one is removed, allowing at least two adjacent tiles to be shifted. This way, the puzzle is scrambled by the program, and the player's goal is to...
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5 .0
Sep 16 2006

Six 0.5.2

Board by mega
Six plays Hex, a game with very simple rules and deep tactical complexity. Two players, one with black and one with white pieces, alternate placing marks on a rhombic board of hexagonal cells. Black's goal is to connect the two opposite black sides of the board with black pieces. White's goal is...
5 .0
Aug 04 2004

KPanta 1.0

Board by anil
5 .0
Feb 21 2004