QtMind 0.8.3

Board by omidnikta
QtMind is a computer clone of the mastermind game. You can play codemaker or codebreaker. Major solving algorithms are integrated in QtMind, namely, Donald Knuth's Worst Case (minimax), Most Parts, and Expected Size. The graphical interface is almost the same as ColorCode, another clone of the...
5 .8
Jun 03 2014

Capi City 1.0

Board by Blahord
Capi City is a Boardgame to play Monopoly like games with it. It compatible to monopd 0.9.3 anc Capid.Warning: Capi City 1.0+ needs Qt 4.6 or higher!No support for Qt 5.x yet!How to compile:qmake [In Fedora: qmake-qt4 ]makeSee http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=300061for the...
5 .9
Aug 20 2013

Klest-crossword 1.2.3

Board by xwicked
Klest-crossword is a game for professional compiling, editing and easy guessing american and classic the crossword puzzles. Contains more than 1,000 crossword puzzles to guess. Provides a lot of tools for creating a crossword puzzle. It a dictionary of 31 000 Russian words and a dictionary of 41...
5 .6
Jul 21 2013

Unabomber 0.4

Board by Kraplax
Simple yet entertaining board game based on Bomberman Wars.Each team is given a set of units. Players takes turns to move their team and throw bombs. The aim is to eliminate the 'king' unit. Each type of unit has it's own abilities (further moves or throws). There's no AI yet, so the game is...
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5 .8
Jun 30 2013

Eliot 2.1

Board by ipkiss
Eliot is a free, open-source Scrabble game.It offers 5 different game modes (standard game, duplicate mode, training mode, arbitration mode and topping mode).Main features:support of different dictionaries (French, English, Spanish, Catalan, Czech, ...). You can even create your own!various...
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5 .8
Apr 07 2013

noughts and crosses 1.0

Board by ndorian
Nughts and csosses is a simple game for two players. Your aim is to put three nughts or crosses in one line (horizontally, vertically or crosswise).
5 .0
Feb 03 2013

Knights 2.5.0

Board by Noughmad
Knights is a simple chess board for KDE 4. It is a rewrite of the KDE3 Knights.Its home page with regular updates is at http://noughmad.com/knights. You can play againts computer engines that support the XBoard protocol (like GnuChess), against anouther player at the same computer, or on the...
8 .5
Jan 24 2013

draughts game 7

Board by rucko
A board game similar to pool checkers
5 .8
Jan 18 2013

KBackgammon 0.18

Board by korobAn
KBackgammon is KDE application to play backgammon like games.Currently supports local multiplayer and FIBS multiplayer.How to build:mkdir buildcd buildcmake ../makesudo make installsvn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/playground/games/backgammon
7 .4
Dec 15 2012

KDots 0.5b

Board by Ignotus
KDots is the simple implementation of the game of dots written with Qt Toolkit.The purpose of Dots game is to catch your opponent's dots by placing your dots on the game board where the lines cross. (Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dots_%28game%29)Dependencies for building (is not tested for...
5 .8
Aug 30 2012