Rearranging Blocks Game 1

Board by hebabas
This game was created as a school project and not for profit.It's a simple rearranging the blocks program that could be played wither using numbers or pcitures. The pictures used are not mine, but I found them on deviantart.com...Since I couldn't remember where I got them(It's been a while), I...
5 .8
Sep 25 2011

kMancala 1.0.2

Board by Douglish
kMancala is an implementation of board game known as Kalaf, aka Mancala. It's count-and-capture like game for two players. Objective of the game is to capture as many stones as possible.
5 .0
May 25 2011

kMagnet 0.10

Board by omllobet
kmagnet is a simple puzzle game with a built-in puzzle editor.Basically you can move the ball up down left or right and it stops when it finds an obstacle or arrives to a hole. To win the ball has to arrive to a hole.Latest code at: http://gitorious.org/kmagnet/recommended cmake command: cmake...
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5 .0
Feb 01 2011

Kastling 0.9.5

Board by fmoreno
Kastling is an advanced chess interface for Linux written in Qt. It supports playing on Fics and PGN games.Kastling is free software (GPLv3).Features:- Advanced FICS support- Timeseal support- Multiple subwindows interface- Seek Graph and Seek List- Chat Channels- Comment and save games- PGN...
5 .8
Jan 21 2011

Battleship 0.2

Board by chefche2
Battleship game. But instead of firing blindly you get informations about the enemy ships' positions.
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6 .3
Jan 11 2011

QCheckers Mobile 0.2

Board by silvansky
Symbian Touch version of qcheckersFeatures: * background image (got from fotki.yandex.ru); * game side selection; * game difficulty (search depth) selection; * game type selection: russian/international; * on-screen menu (without toolbar at the bottom of the screen); *...
5 .0
Dec 28 2010

DominOnline 1.4

Board by boli
DominOnline is a mutiplayer domino game.It uses Qt Drag'n Drop, Networking, Graphics View framework, XML, phonon.
5 .0
Dec 08 2010

Eggibault 1.3

Board by csgib
Small arcade game develop long time ago and port to qt4 by Glad Deschrijver ... a big thank to himNeed only QT4
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5 .8
Nov 06 2010

klickety 2.0

Board by nihui
Klickety is an adaptation of the Clickomania game. The rules are similar to those of the Same game: your goal is to clear the board by clicking on groups to destroy them. The overall aim is to get the lowest score possible. It will provide entertainment for all abilities, but a challenge in...
6 .3
Sep 27 2010

Holtz 1.3.1

Board by windiana
Holtz is an implementation of the two player abstract board games Zertz and Dvonn from the gipf probject (www.gipf.com).Zertz is about placing and collecting stones, making sacrifices, and a continuously shriking board.Dvonn is about controlling stacks of stones which can jump on other stacks to...
5 .0
Aug 03 2010