Eggibault 1.3

Board by csgib
Small arcade game develop long time ago and port to qt4 by Glad Deschrijver ... a big thank to himNeed only QT4
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5 .8
Nov 06 2010

KDots 0.5b

Board by Ignotus
KDots is the simple implementation of the game of dots written with Qt Toolkit.The purpose of Dots game is to catch your opponent's dots by placing your dots on the game board where the lines cross. (Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dots_%28game%29)Dependencies for building (is not tested for...
5 .8
Aug 30 2012

draughts game 7

Board by rucko
A board game similar to pool checkers
5 .8
Jan 18 2013

Peg Solitaire 2.2

Board by tangrampeces
Peg Solitaire is a free and fun board game also known as English peg solitaire or Senku.Peg Solitaire is a board game played with pegs: in the classic mode, the board has 33 positions and 32 tokens because the center position is without form.Peg Solitaire is to remove the pegs but only with...
Debian (.deb) RedHat (RPM) OS-X compatible Windows Binary
5 .8
Jun 20 2017

Kollect 0.1

Board by upsala
Kollect is a board game, where you should try to collect balls of one color in a row or column, where you can remove it. Collection is done by swapping two balls which are neighbors or which can be connected with a line.
5 .0
Jun 13 2004

Six 0.5.2

Board by mega
Six plays Hex, a game with very simple rules and deep tactical complexity. Two players, one with black and one with white pieces, alternate placing marks on a rhombic board of hexagonal cells. Black's goal is to connect the two opposite black sides of the board with black pieces. White's goal is...
5 .0
Aug 04 2004

Sudoku Generator 1.3

Board by kanata19
Free Sudoku for Linux (KDE/Qt version) generator has 3 levels of difficulties. Solved or not solved Sudokus may be saved into file with extension sdk. Later saved files may be loaded in 9x9 Sudoku grid. Source files are provided.
5 .0
Jun 07 2008

klickety 2.0

Board by nihui
Klickety is an adaptation of the Clickomania game. The rules are similar to those of the Same game: your goal is to clear the board by clicking on groups to destroy them. The overall aim is to get the lowest score possible. It will provide entertainment for all abilities, but a challenge in...
6 .3
Sep 27 2010

CSudoku 0.3.0

Board by wusel1007
A Sudoku Clone
5 .0
Jan 30 2010

Kastling 0.9.5

Board by fmoreno
Kastling is an advanced chess interface for Linux written in Qt. It supports playing on Fics and PGN games.Kastling is free software (GPLv3).Features:- Advanced FICS support- Timeseal support- Multiple subwindows interface- Seek Graph and Seek List- Chat Channels- Comment and save games- PGN...
5 .8
Jan 21 2011