qGO 1.5.3

Board by yfh2
Go is an ancient boardgame, very common in Japan, China and Korea.qGo is a Go client and full featured SGF editor, available for Linux/Windows and MacOS X. qGo code is C++/Qt and it's free.
5 .0
Jan 09 2007

KBoard 0.9 alpha

Board by Myrizio
We just released kboard 0.9 alpha. It is a generic game interface for two player turn based board games, and currently supports a bunch of chess variants, connect four, reversi and chain reaction (and more will be added). Kboard also supports network chess play on ics servers, as well as game...
5 .0
Sep 24 2006

KSlide 1.0.1

Board by coquelle
KSlide is a simple puzzle game compatible with the K Desktop Environment. The playing principle of KSlide is very simple. From a square set of tiles, one is removed, allowing at least two adjacent tiles to be shifted. This way, the puzzle is scrambled by the program, and the player's goal is to...
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5 .0
Sep 16 2006

baduK 0.1

Board by hiphop
baduK is a pattern analysis and search engine for fuseki and joseki within the game of Go. baduK is based on Qt 4.1.4. Go is an ancient boardgame, very common in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.
5 .0
Jul 20 2006

QNetWalk - Qt 4 1.2

Board by fyanardi
This is a Qt 4 version of QNetWalk ga me by Andi Peredri. Tested with Windows XP and Debian GNU/Linux with Qt 4.1.2.To compile (Linux and Windows with Qt4 and MinGW):run qmake (Qt4) and then make from the source directory.Original QNetWalk game (c) by Andri Peredri:...
5 .0
Jun 03 2006

Diamond Crush 0.1 (First Playable)

Board by cover
Diamond Crush is a puzzle game to be released worldwide before the end of 2006 by the Italian Diamonds Team, totally for free on different PC operating systems, under open source Public Domain license. The First Playable Version, a sort of pre-alpha for offline multiplayer gaming only, is...
5 .0
Apr 25 2006

logiK 0.2

Board by sugnacamrevyg
Program for creating and solving puzzles like those in PM Creativity Trainer.You can create a puzzle form an image file and try to solve it.
5 .0
Mar 31 2006

Marbles 1.0.0-1

Board by espentveit
Marbles 1.0.0 (c) Espen Tveit 2006GPLMarbles is a simple game. The objective is to take out as big groups of marbles as possible. Highscore system included. I've also programmed some simple physics to make it look like the marbles fall. If you hold the mouse over a cluster of marbles for a...
5 .0
Mar 21 2006

Atlantik 0.7.1

Board by Capzilla
Atlantik is the leading open-source game client for Monopoly-like board games to be played on the monopd network. Atlantik is available for computers running the KDE Desktop Environment. Supported platforms are Linux, BSD and other operation systems running KDE.
5 .0
Mar 03 2006

KCheckers 0.8.1

Board by kcheckers
Qt version of the classic boardgame "checkers". This game is also known as "draughts".
5 .0
Dec 30 2005