ClockChecker 0.1

Board by Casillux
A multiple clock software, to help playing for example board games. This (very simple) software alows you to control the played time for every player and put a time limit for each person. It is inspired from the chess clocks.Simple program, but believe me, your board games will be more fun...
5 .0
Aug 29 2005

Fleur II gcc4

Board by uja
Your task is to empty a board by clicking on 2 equal chips. These must be connected with a line with max. 2 a knots in it, before time runs out.Enhancement to Fleur I: obstacles, but no gravity mode.aRts (KDE) SoundNAS (X11) Sound (since V.1.1)since 1.4 and later:If you listen to your favorite...
5 .0
Jun 04 2005

Knights 0.6.4-beta

Board by Archonas
Knights aims to be the ultimate chess resource on your computer. It's designed to be both friendly to new chess players and functional for Grand Masters.
5 .0
Feb 07 2005

Six 0.5.2

Board by mega
Six plays Hex, a game with very simple rules and deep tactical complexity. Two players, one with black and one with white pieces, alternate placing marks on a rhombic board of hexagonal cells. Black's goal is to connect the two opposite black sides of the board with black pieces. White's goal is...
5 .0
Aug 04 2004

KWappen 1.1.5

Board by jschulz
KWappen is a colorful KDE3.1 board game. The goal of the game is to eliminate the game tiles as quickly as possible. The game is solved if every column has one tile or no tiles. The game is not a clone of any other board game, and the rules of the game are entirely unique. KWappen requires a...
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5 .0
Jul 03 2004

MahJongg 3D Solitaire 0.96

Board by RetoSchoelly
An implementation of the classical chinese game Mah Jongg with 3D OpenGL graphics.Features:- 3D OpenGL view- A unique hand drawn tileset- Undo- Reorder- Custom tilesets loadable- Hint function- HiscoresHAVE A LOT OF FUN!
5 .8
Jun 26 2004

Kollect 0.1

Board by upsala
Kollect is a board game, where you should try to collect balls of one color in a row or column, where you can remove it. Collection is done by swapping two balls which are neighbors or which can be connected with a line.
5 .0
Jun 13 2004

KPanta 1.0

Board by anil
5 .0
Feb 21 2004

KloseCircuit 0.3

Board by somekool
KloseCircuit is a multiplayer game which does not support networking yet, but includes good AI and is easily playable by more than one human on the same computer. The purpose is to complete the board, and the player who gets the most squares is the winner. all comments are welcome.
5 .0
Jan 30 2004

Spacehulk 1.5 beta1

Board by romvinot
Space Hulk is a board game which takes place in the world of Warhammer 40000. It is a two player turn-based game where one player plays the 'Marine', and the other player plays the alien called 'Genestealer'. This video game is a complete conversion of the board game with the 2nd edition rules....
5 .0
Jan 25 2004