My Easy Kubluntu Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by MetalByte
Kubuntu 8.04 ~ KDE 3.5.10+Theme: Polyester Blue (colors, style and window decorations).Icons: Oxygen and extras.Kicker: Conholster.Wallpaper: Stormblue 1.1.0(all from kde-look jeje)+A bit of reconfiguration xD=My Easy Kubluntu Desktop!At the moment, the most comfortable desktop that I used (and...
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Oct 24 2008

ma desk

KDE Plasma Screenshots by naaamo2004
my k4 desk, using qtcurve and dekorator (both selfmade) + modded "silicon" plasmaplasmoids>>now rocking and yasp (sys info)easystroke for global mouse gesturesffox start page by k3ttcar, moddedwp by awestrike
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Jan 23 2010


KDE Plasma Screenshots by Nopersona
OpenSuse 11.2 - KDE 4.4.4 :pFull size on http://nopersona.deviantart.com/art/21-08-2010-176268070
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Aug 21 2010

Simple 1.0

KDE Plasma Screenshots by qnx
Style: Domino EdgeIcons: Dark-GlassEmerald theme: SolidLineKMenu button from NuoveXT2-KBFXSuperkaramba theme: black refleKtion
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Feb 01 2008

Caledonia everywhere 1.0

KDE Plasma Screenshots by kim42
Today I thought of making a screenshot of my current desktop. So, here it is.Some useful details:* kubuntu 11.10, KDE 4.7.4* wallpaper: Glaze from Caledonia Official Wallpapers* KDE interface and window decorations style: Oxygen, of course* color scheme: Caledonia Color Scheme* icons: Caledonia...
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Mar 02 2012

Pear is not Apple 3

KDE Plasma Screenshots by ungethym
This screenshot shows my notebook desktop at work with KDE Plasma Workspace 4.4.5 and Daisy widget (and the analog clock). The background was made to tease the apple fans here (they have to work with old ugly WinXP). It bases on the wonderful "stripes" wallpaper from Ivan...
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Aug 18 2010


KDE Plasma Screenshots by acidrums4
Current screenshot, with some of FaenK (http://acidrums4.deviantart.com/art/FaenK-preview-255545211) icons working, but with Faenza fallback.Wallpaper: http://phk-dan10.deviantart.com/art/Wheat-Field-190412026Plasma theme (modded):...
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Sep 21 2011

KDE + Elementary + Ubuntu 9872839401.32

KDE Plasma Screenshots by michaellucky
Just tried how KDE would go with Elementaryim using Ubuntu 11.04, KDE 4.6, KDE Elementary Icons, Ubuntu font and an attempt to make an Elementary color scheme :Panyways, I think KDE fits perfectly with Elementary, the gradients with Oxygen also goes so well with Ubuntu font with certain...
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May 02 2011

Cavansite Kde 4.4 1

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Washufeng
My current desktop on kde.4.4Information on the pic
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May 16 2010

Onyx Kde 4.4 screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Washufeng
Some changes on the Awn icons, and windows with Emerald: LittleGlass by = lassekongo83 on DeviantartA big thank you to him this theme is fabulousAnd Wallpaper Dark Series by ~city17 on Deviant art
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May 16 2010