widih tv

VLC Internet Channels by widih
IPTV from around the world, including Indonesia China Taiwan Japan Korea. If this download file cannot be opened, you can simply open from your VLC player, under Media - Open Network Stream and write this url: http://www.widih.com/stream/playlist.m3u Visit our website at...
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Jul 16 2013

mediathek 0.2

VLC Internet Channels by roland1
Access to online streams of public german TV channels (ARD, ZDF, ARTE, NDR, ...) based on databases of the MediathekView project https://mediathekview. Usage: Create (and delete) persistent queries through the Search Field: /TITLE creates a persistent query/node collecting all streams with...
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Jun 17 2018

TV Series Detective 1.0

VLC Internet Channels by chagisleph
Watch TV Series directly in VLC! Installation: Put the *.luac file in VideoLAN/VLC/lua/sd/ and restart VLC. Tips: 1. Save the playlist so you can share it with friends or load it instantly later... 2. Write the TV serie title or part of it, but avoid too verbose queries 3. If you start the...
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Jun 15 2014

radiru for VLC

VLC Internet Channels by rad164
Add NHK radio on-demand "Radiru-Radiru Kikinogashi" to VLC sidebar. NHK ラジオの「らじる★らじる 聴き逃し」を VLC のサイドバーに追加します。
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Aug 13 2019