Play Count 1

VLC Extensions by sinaxhpm
play counter extension for vlc media playerCount that how much you played a music or video and show it when you activate the extension also you can find it in your app data folder in playcount.txt file(dont change it just READ) cuz the extension working with that ....!just add extension and do...
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Sep 15 2020

Super Skipper 1.1.0

VLC Extensions by trezdog44
Automatically Skip Opening and Ending Sequences. Includes interface to start automatically with VLC.To install unzip 'vlc-super-skipper-v1.1.0.zip' and copy the 'lua' folder to your VLC config directory.- Linux: - (All Users) - `/usr/lib/vlc/` - (Current User): -...
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Sep 15 2020

Subtitle Word Search 1.3

VLC Extensions by tcrespog
SynopsisWith this VLC extension you can search on online search engines the words displayed in the SRT subtitles of a video. You can look up online dictionaries to get translations, meanings, and others.InstallationCopy the "subtitle_word_search.lua" file in one of the following directories...
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Sep 05 2020

SmartLoad 0.1

VLC Extensions by thebamby
Adds files following the last loaded file in current playlist. I. e. opens the file directory of the last file, and queues all files, which are alphabetically after the file.Code by me, icon by flaticon.com/authors/freepik
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Aug 16 2020

VLCSubber 1.5

VLC Extensions by tristargod
# VLCSubberA lot of shows/movies come with available subtitles. This extension searches the folder the playing video is in for appropriate subtitles. Default is set to English. Language can be changed by modifyng variable _TARGETLANG via a text editor. -- Update 2020-08-13This extension will...
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Aug 13 2020

VLC Playlist Rememberer

VLC Extensions by abbas-b-b
VLC Playlist RemembererAn extension that saves the last played item of a playlist to continue later on.SetupCopy VPR.lua file toLinux: ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/ and ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/playlist/Windows: C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\extensions\ and C:\Program...
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Jun 30 2020

YTSubDownload 0.2

VLC Extensions by kokokoshka
DESCRIPTION:Companion for https://addons.videolan.org/p/1344170/ plugin.Adds subtitles to videosINSTALLATION:- Download file- put the file in the vlc /lua/playlist folder, by default (create directories if they don't exist):* Windows (all users): %ProgramFiles%/VideoLAN/VLC/lua/playlist* Windows...
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Mar 31 2020

Playback speed manager 1.0

VLC Extensions by Ilgaiaz
This VLC's Addons give the possibility to :1. Set the speed of the video when there are no subtitles.2. Set the speed of the video when a subtitle is shown on the screen.Required VLC version: 3.0+InstallationPut the file `playback_speed_manager.lua` in : -Windows (all users):...
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Feb 20 2020

Ratings 1.0

VLC Extensions by pragma
The vlc-ratings extension can rate VLC playlist entries on a scale from 1 to 5, or from 1 to 10 (see Settings).It can also shuffle your playlist, grouping entries of the same rating, with higher rated entries appearingfirst. In other words, all entries rated 5 will be shuffled and then added to...
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Nov 01 2019

External audio and subtitles loader 1.1

VLC Extensions by serfreeman1337
VLC extension for autoload external audio track and subtitles shared with video file. Audio track and subtitles should have same name as video.Dir example:* show_01.mkv <-- video file* Your Dub\show_01.mka <-- external audio track* Subs\Signs\show_01.ass <-- subtitlesAllowed extensions...
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Apr 13 2019