Subtitle Word Search

VLC Extensions by tcrespog
Synopsis With this VLC extension you can search on online search engines the words displayed in the SRT subtitles of a video. You can look up online dictionaries to get translations, meanings, and others.Installation Copy the subtitle_word_search.lua file in one of the following directories...
Score 73.3%
Jun 16 2019

External audio and subtitles loader 1.1

VLC Extensions by serfreeman1337
VLC extension for autoload external audio track and subtitles shared with video file. Audio track and subtitles should have same name as video. Dir example: * show_01.mkv <-- video file * Your Dub\show_01.mka <-- external audio track * Subs\Signs\show_01.ass <-- subtitles Allowed...
Score 70.0%
Apr 13 2019

History Based Shuffle 1.0.1

VLC Extensions by Dreistein
This Plugin shuffles Songs based on the history of playing. If a song got played recently, it is less likely to get played. This reduces the chance that the same song gets played again. Even when the media player gets restarted! How it works The plugin creates a file in the vlc config directory,...
Score 50.0%
Mar 18 2019

txt subtitles loader

VLC Extensions by mederi
The support for autodetection of txt subtitles has been dropped in VLC 3: https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/21462txtsub1.lua = Load txt subtitles for video. The first script tries to load txt subtitles for a playing video (an example: "D:film.avi" <-- "D:film.txt"). You should find them...
Score 58.0%
Nov 26 2018

Get Movie Info 0.1

VLC Extensions by vilasm
Get movie info of any movie. Requires OMDB API key to operate.
Score 50.0%
Sep 11 2018

Time v3.2

VLC Extensions by mederi
Time is VLC Extension that displays running time on the screen in a playing video. (Extension script "time_ext.lua" + Interface script "time_intf.lua") Features: - supported tags: [E], [Efps], [D], [R], [T], [O], [P], [n], [_]; - 9 possible positions on the screen; - elapsed time with...
Score 80.0%
Sep 01 2018

Jump to time Previous frame v3

VLC Extensions by mederi
Jump to time (Previous frame) is VLC Extension that can: - jump to a desired time in a played media; - jump forward/backward by a desired time length; - split-second jumps imitating previous/next frame;* - show actual playback time with milliseconds; - use time longer than 24 hours; - repeat a...
Score 58.0%
Aug 28 2018

Subtitler lite mod v1.3

VLC Extensions by mederi
"Subtitler (lite) mod.lua" - A semiautomatic workaround for VLC-2.1+ with [refresh] button in the dialog box that should be pressed periodically during playback. Just use it with some button presser / key sender (see USAGE below). "Subtitler (lite).lua" - The extension works only in VLC-2.0.x....
Score 58.6%
Aug 28 2018

Quick Save/Load Playlist 1.2.0

VLC Extensions by Xrott
These two complementary extensions allow you to save your current playlist and reload it without having to worry about organizing files. Especially useful when closing VLC but wanting to resume your playlist later.How To Install: - download the "quickSave+Load.zip" archive (download button on...
Score 63.3%
Aug 25 2018

SubSync 1.0

VLC Extensions by eyalkt
VLC extension to easily synchronize subtitles to media, using "catch" and "release". Subtitle's not displaying at the right time? Easy, just "catch" a subtitles line, and "release" it at the correct time. Synchronization is done!installation:Windows: copy SubSync.lua to: ...
Score 67.1%
Aug 03 2018