Jump to time Previous frame v3

VLC Extensions by mederi
Jump to time (Previous frame) is VLC Extension that can: - jump to a desired time in a played media; - jump forward/backward by a desired time length; - split-second jumps imitating previous/next frame;* - show actual playback time with milliseconds; - use time longer than 24 hours; - repeat a...
Score 58.0%
Aug 28 2018

Subtitler lite mod v1.3

VLC Extensions by mederi
"Subtitler (lite) mod.lua" - A semiautomatic workaround for VLC-2.1+ with [refresh] button in the dialog box that should be pressed periodically during playback. Just use it with some button presser / key sender (see USAGE below). "Subtitler (lite).lua" - The extension works only in VLC-2.0.x....
Score 63.8%
Aug 28 2018

Quick Save/Load Playlist 1.2.0

VLC Extensions by Xrott
These two complementary extensions allow you to save your current playlist and reload it without having to worry about organizing files. Especially useful when closing VLC but wanting to resume your playlist later.How To Install: - download the "quickSave+Load.zip" archive (download button on...
Score 67.1%
Aug 25 2018

SubSync 1.0

VLC Extensions by eyalkt
VLC extension to easily synchronize subtitles to media, using "catch" and "release". Subtitle's not displaying at the right time? Easy, just "catch" a subtitles line, and "release" it at the correct time. Synchronization is done!installation:Windows: copy SubSync.lua to: ...
Score 68.8%
Aug 03 2018

progress 0.4.1

VLC Extensions by roland1
Saves and Resumes automatically playback positions of media. Usage: Activate "progress for vlc your.version.number" under View in the menu bar. Installation for vlc 3.0.2 on Ubuntu 18.04: Put progress_for_vlc.3.0.2.lua...
Score 71.3%
Jun 24 2018

Media Context 0.8.1

VLC Extensions by Xavion
Purpose: * Displays contextual information about the currently playing media * Adapted from similar scripts by rsyh93, Jean-Philippe Andre and ale5000 Status: * MC has only been tested in Windows and Linux so far - Let me know whether it works on other operating systems * Only a few local files...
Score 72.2%
Jun 09 2018

Chapter Skipper 0.1

VLC Extensions by victorpascu
This extension lets you automatically skip a chapter of your choosing when the video reaches it, as long as it has chapter data associated with it. You have to provide a chapter number that you want to skip, and there are a few options added for convenience. Chapters start their numbering from...
Score 50.0%
May 06 2018

Now Playing in texts 1.5

VLC Extensions by un_pogaz
This plugin reads the tags "Title", "Artist" and "Album" of the currently played music, and writes into 5 text files ( np_album.txt | np_artist.txt | np_artist_title.txt | np_title.txt | np_radio.txt ) Note: if no "Title" as found, the file name is used. Can be used together with any software...
Score 75.5%
May 05 2018

Remember Playing Now

VLC Extensions by lucretiusfan
About this addon: This plugin saves the "Now Playing" infos/metadata to a text file. It can be useful to remember artists and song name while listening to webradios. Installation: Copy the plugin file in the folder: On Linux: ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/ On Windows or MacOSX:...
Score 58.0%
Apr 29 2018

Shuffle Playlist 1.1.2

VLC Extensions by Xrott
Shuffles all items on the playlist similar to MPC-HCs randomize playlist function.How To Install: - download "shuffle.lua" (download button on the right) - put it in the VLC extensions folder (create it, if it doesn't exist):         for Windows:...
Score 67.1%
Apr 17 2018