Subtitle explorer 0.9.0

VLC Extensions by wancharle
Browse freely through the subtitles of a video and synchronize the caption with the paused moment in the video. How to use: Pause the video as you slide the caption. Browse through the list of Subtitles until you find the correct subtitle for the moment you stopped the video. Click the Sync...
Score 58.0%
Mar 19 2018

Proper Shuffle Playlist

VLC Extensions by farawayobserver
Shuffles vlc playlist with the track number intact after the shuffle (not all over the place than when you click next it follows the track number rather than the shuffled order)
Score 50.0%
Mar 08 2018

WIP collection

VLC Extensions by mederi
Scripting VLC in Lua https://forum.videolan.org/viewforum.php?f=29Extensions: Fine adjust playback speed https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=137618 Audio CD ripping helper https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=130354 Custom equalizer presets...
Score 70.0%
Jan 20 2018

Moments' Tracker

VLC Extensions by aur
Moments' Tracker allows you to track all your favorite movie/media moments and scenes. Bookmark your favorite moment, give it a title/caption, and that's it. Once you've done this, you can jump directly to your moment anytime you open that media file, no need to scroll through trying to find...
Score 74.5%
Sep 13 2017

VLSub 0.10.0

VLC Extensions by exebetche
VLSub is not working with Vlc 2.1.x, please update to 2.2. Search and download subtitles from opensubtitles.org using the hash of the video currently playing or its title.INSTALLATION: - download the file from the "Files" tab above - create a directory "extensions" at this location and put the...
Score 85.6%
Sep 05 2017

Skip Intro/Outro Credits 1.0.0

VLC Extensions by michaelbull
Automatically skip intro/outro credit sequences in VLC.Installation: Download the credit-skipper.lua file and place it in your VLC extensions directory: Linux ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/ Windows %APPDATA%/vlc/lua/extensions/ macOS /Users/(name)/Library/Application...
Score 58.0%
Aug 03 2017

VLC Song Tracker 0.1.5

VLC Extensions by Reiuiji
VLC Song Tracker is a extension that will help keep track of which songs were played in VLC. The information of each song will be saved to a CSV ("Comma Separated Values") file with the following data. The date and time in which the song was played as well as the song information including...
Score 63.3%
Jul 18 2017

eTrakr 1.0

VLC Extensions by FrederikBolding
eTrakr helps you keep track of all your entertainment.
Score 50.0%
Feb 21 2017


VLC Extensions by eadmaster
This is a Lua-based extension for VLC 2.x showing lyrics from external files (.lrc or .txt) matching the input filename. Current features: - shows both non-synced and synced lyrics - jump to the selected line - copy selected lines to the clipboard with an external script - transliterate...
Score 58.0%
Apr 03 2016

Info Crawler

VLC Extensions by vibhcool
This is a lua-scripted extension. Works well on vlc player 2.2.1 Features:- -> Search about the media you are watching on google. -> Find movie subtitles on subscene.com -> check imdb rating of movies you are watching. -> search on wikipedia about the media. -> get lyrics of...
Score 63.3%
Mar 27 2016