Online Radio Adblock

VLC Extensions by kazooie
Online radio ad block to mute down ads. Currently set up for Digitally Imported, but can be easily used with other radio channels too. Very easy to edit ad filenames! Link to the repository: https://bitbucket.org/Kazooiebombchu/vlc-extension-online-radio-adblock After you have downloaded the...
Rating: 5.8
Jun 08 2015

Remember Playing Now

VLC Extensions by lucretiusfan
About this addon: This plugin saves the "Now Playing" infos/metadata to a text file. It can be useful to remember artists and song name while listening to webradios. Installation: Copy the plugin file in the folder: On Linux: ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/ On Windows or MacOSX:...
Rating: 5.8
Apr 29 2018

Jump to time Previous frame v3

VLC Extensions by mederi
Jump to time (Previous frame) is VLC Extension that can: - jump to a desired time in a played media; - jump forward/backward by a desired time length; - split-second jumps imitating previous/next frame;* - show actual playback time with milliseconds; - use time longer than 24 hours; - repeat a...
Rating: 5.8
Aug 28 2018


VLC Extensions by hector2
This extension shows a definition of a word of a subtitle on the screen (OSD). It needs a text subtitle (*.srt) and a dictionary file (ling or stardict/m). It has been tested on GNU/linux/ubuntu & VLC 1.1 (seems to have problem with windows) See :...
Rating: 5.8
May 18 2011

Add Similar Files From Folder w AutoSort

VLC Extensions by PooterTF
A slight alteration to the BRILLIANT work by kempfjb with his/her AddSimilar extension, but with some post-sorting action within VLC and in the table processing. Do you have sorted folders for your media files? Do you want to have those files play in sequential order automatically? Simply play...
Rating: 5.8
Apr 11 2012

Intro and Credits Skipper

VLC Extensions by bergur
Define the length of intro and credits for the episodes you are watching. Queue them up in the playlist. The extension will jump right into the episode and play them seamlessly, so you you avoid having to see the intro and credits every time. All feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated....
Rating: 5.8
Jul 31 2013

Micro Controls

VLC Extensions by Wolvan
A small Control Interface for VLC Media Player. USAGE: Load some Songs in your Playlist and start a song. Then you simply use the extension by going to the "View" menu and selecting it there. You can then hide VLC in your taskbar by clicking the little Pylon Symbol in your tray...
Rating: 5.8
Sep 02 2013

musiXmatch lyrics fetcher 2015

VLC Extensions by Scarabol
Get lyrics for songs from musixmatch.com
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Rating: 5.8
Aug 09 2015


VLC Extensions by eadmaster
This is a Lua-based extension for VLC 2.x showing lyrics from external files (.lrc or .txt) matching the input filename. Current features: - shows both non-synced and synced lyrics - jump to the selected line - copy selected lines to the clipboard with an external script - transliterate...
Rating: 5.8
Apr 03 2016

Skip Intro/Outro Credits 1.0.0

VLC Extensions by michaelbull
Automatically skip intro/outro credit sequences in VLC.Installation: Download the credit-skipper.lua file and place it in your VLC extensions directory: Linux ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/ Windows %APPDATA%/vlc/lua/extensions/ macOS /Users/(name)/Library/Application...
Rating: 5.8
Aug 03 2017