IP Webcam

VLC Extensions by manonlatramee62
5 .1
Oct 01 2013

Micro Controls

VLC Extensions by Wolvan
A small Control Interface for VLC Media Player.USAGE: Load some Songs in your Playlist and start a song. Then you simply use the extension by going to the "View" menu and selecting it there. You can then hide VLC in your taskbar by clicking the little Pylon Symbol in your tray...
5 .8
Sep 02 2013

Portitle 1.0.2

VLC Extensions by dux2
Get info, reviews, subtitles and trailers for the movie/episode being played.This extension sends the media under play to Portitle.com website.Portitle will identify your media file and give you tons of summaries, reviews, subtitles, trailers, torrents from over 30 popular sites like IMDb,...
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5 .0
Sep 02 2013

VLsub 0.9

VLC Extensions by nonkelleo
4 .6
Aug 30 2013

Intro and Credits Skipper

VLC Extensions by bergur
Define the length of intro and credits for the episodes you are watching. Queue them up in the playlist. The extension will jump right into the episode and play them seamlessly, so you you avoid having to see the intro and credits every time.All feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated....
5 .8
Jul 31 2013


VLC Extensions by raggedyman51
6 .3
Jul 10 2013


VLC Extensions by valuex
1. Save elapsed time to a log file by press hotkey - x.So that the elapsed time can be accessed by other utilities, ex, autohotkey.2. A piece of simple extension to demonstrate how hotkey is defined in VLC lua.
4 .2
Jun 22 2013

Allocine (french)

VLC Extensions by funman
Fetches information on current media playing from Allocine.fr, such as: - casting, - description, - users rating, - direct link to movie file on allocine.fr
4 .6
Jun 14 2013

Say It Again

VLC Extensions by zm33y
Learn a language while watching TV!FeaturesPhrases navigation (go to previous, next subtitle) - keys y, uWord translation and export to Anki (together with context and transcription) - key i'Again': go to previous phrase, show subtitle and pause video - key backspaceHow To Install And UseCopy...
5 .8
Feb 25 2013

Show Me the Meaning

VLC Extensions by vickypathi
what it is?A vlc extension that allows you toto find a meaning of a word 1) That is either shown on the currently running subtitles 2) or to search for your own word The Meaning of the word you selected is retrieved from http://www.wiktionary.org/ USER MANUAL...
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5 .0
Jan 29 2013