Say It Again

VLC Extensions by zm33y
Learn a language while watching TV!FeaturesPhrases navigation (go to previous, next subtitle) - keys y, uWord translation and export to Anki (together with context and transcription) - key i'Again': go to previous phrase, show subtitle and pause video - key backspaceHow To Install And UseCopy...
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Feb 25 2013

Show Me the Meaning

VLC Extensions by vickypathi
what it is?A vlc extension that allows you toto find a meaning of a word 1) That is either shown on the currently running subtitles 2) or to search for your own word The Meaning of the word you selected is retrieved from http://www.wiktionary.org/ USER MANUAL...
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Jan 29 2013

Etevaldo Scopel

VLC Extensions by etevaldo
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Dec 28 2012


VLC Extensions by willyboy63
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Dec 09 2012

Multiple VLC enhancments

VLC Extensions by tubh
This extension will * Resume last played item at VLC start-up* Resume last played position for all the items.* 'Del' key will delete the playing item from disk and VLC playlist immediately- no warning To install- click on the download (OMNI Extension) button below- Save the file to ...
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Oct 17 2012

10 positions

VLC Extensions by akjava
click and seek foward or back the time of 1/10 of video durationfor check summary of videos easily.[how to use]drop your videos to add playlist,and active this extension and just click next button for check summary.
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Aug 04 2012

Volume Reset to 100

VLC Extensions by mederi
Resets volume to 100% with just 2 mouse clicks in VLC menu.The script is also a demonstration of minimalist VLC Lua Extension script :o)If you need some DOWNLOAD / INSTALLATION / USAGE instructions, then look for example here: http://addons.videolan.org/content/show.php/Time?content=149618
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May 27 2012

Add Similar Files From Folder w AutoSort

VLC Extensions by PooterTF
A slight alteration to the BRILLIANT work by kempfjb with his/her AddSimilar extension, but with some post-sorting action within VLC and in the table processing.Do you have sorted folders for your media files? Do you want to have those files play in sequential order automatically? Simply play...
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Apr 11 2012

MyAnimeList scraper

VLC Extensions by rippinblaise
Search the currently playing anime on MyAnimeList.
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Jan 17 2012

The Movie DB information

VLC Extensions by kempfjb
This extension gets information from http://www.themoviedb.org straight into your VLC.
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Jan 15 2012