Syncplay interface module for VLC 0.3.5

VLC Other by Etoh
Syncplay synchronises video playback across multiple instances of VLC so that a group of people who all have the same videos can watch them together. Pausing, unpausing and jumping position within a media player is all synchronized, giving everyone connected to the same virtual room a shared...
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Jun 23 2019

Song Teacher 1.5f

VLC Other by ScottLinden
A music player that teaches song lyrics. (Requires VLC Media Player.) Sing along with any music, scoring yourself as you go by holding the mouse cursor over the Green sections when getting it right and the Red section when you make mistakes. Orders your playlist from least known to best known....
Score 68.0%
Nov 10 2016

Music Rate 2.0a

VLC Other by ScottLinden
Music player for rating and sorting music into separate folders. (Requires VLC Media Player.) Cycles through a subset of the playlist, counting plays and automatically sorting music into the default folder after a certain number of plays. Adds new songs from the playlist into the subset as...
Score 58.0%
Apr 11 2014

VLC broadcasting with mosaic

VLC Other by ddougal
Allows u to create media channels to broadcast your media files over your personal home network or stand-alone using the loopback IP. So u could have a movie channel that broadcasts 24/7 movies. You can set up music video channels, some TV channels, Music channels, etc.. I added video mosaic to...
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Jan 29 2014


VLC Other by resho
The playlist for Nuce TV watching
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Jul 21 2013


VLC Other by noam
TrayVLC is aimed to facilitate easy access to windows VLC functionality via system tray Currently clicking the TrayVlC icon plays/pauses VLC , Right click to exit.
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Sep 24 2012