Krunner Pass 1.1.0

System Runners by alex1701c
This plugin integrates Pass with KRunner and lets you copy passwords.This is a fork of https://github.com/akermu/krunner-pass, but it has additional features and works the KDE store integration.Please have a look at the README for install instructions.Info: The binary packages work with Plasma...
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Aug 20 2020

EmojiRunner 2.2.0

System Runners by alex1701c
This plugin allows you to search, copy and paste emojis/symbols.Additionally you can configure favorites, set the maximum Unicode version and enable/disable categories.The easiest way to install is:curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/alex1701c/EmojiRunner/master/install.sh | bashOr you can...
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Aug 06 2020

KRunner KWallet 1.0.0

System Runners by alex1701c
This plugin allows you to copy/show/add/edit passwords from KWallet.This is a fork from https://github.com/jimtendo/kwallet-runner but has extra features added and deprecated code removed.
5 .0
Apr 17 2020

TmuxRunner 1.2.0

System Runners by alex1701c
The easiest way to install is:curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/alex1701c/TmuxRunner/master/install.sh | bashThe plugin gets triggered by the word tmux. After that you can search for a session. If the name does not exist it shows an option to create a new session with the specified name....
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5 .8
Feb 18 2020

krunner-switcher 0.1

System Runners by ration
krunner-switcher allows for fast switching between applications by typing a dot and a part of the application name or title, e.g. ".emacs"
5 .0
Jun 05 2018

krunner pass 1.3.0

System Runners by akermu
Integrates krunner with pass (https://www.passwordstore.org).You can use the provided `install.sh` script to build and install the plugin.For archlinux users there is a PKGBUILD in the AUR (https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/krunner-pass).Alternatively if you just want to build the plugin:$...
6 .2
Aug 03 2017

Timer and Alarm for KRunner 3.0

System Runners by enchant
Allows to quickly set timers and alarms. Supports multiple timers and alarms.Install:1. Download krunner-alarmtimer.zip2. Run: $ plasmapkg --type runner -i krunner-alarmtimer.zipor from git:1. git clone git@github.com:sirkonst/krunner-timer.git2. cd krunner-timer/3. make install
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Feb 20 2015

fsrunner for KRunner 0.7.5

System Runners by andersaa
FSRunner is a kde runner, the idea is to give you instant access to any file or directory you need. As a lot of time is spend walking through directories, you should never need to walk through 8 directories to get to a location you already know where is.The homepage at...
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Oct 03 2012

ClockCalc Runner 0.2

System Runners by LukSch
Now you can calc times.So if you want to calc 23s + 1m 23s you can simple type ti :23+1:23 in Krunner and get the Result.If you work with ":" you can let the leading "ti" simply away.Now you can also use the hours format to calculate: 2.3-2.0+0.1 and you can use a mixed format:...
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7 .2
Apr 18 2011

BeClock Countdown Runner 0.2

System Runners by terrorbaby92
A Krunner Plug-In that takes a time separated with spaces that will be displayed in KDE Effect BeClock.Install with "plasmapkg --type runner --install BeClock_Countdown.zip"Type in "countdown hours minutes seconds " to set the time or"countdown reset" to stop current countdown.Roadmap:- improve...
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5 .9
Apr 17 2011