Qmmp 1.4.2

Audioplayers by trialuser
Qmmp (Qt-based Multimedia Player) is an audio-player, written with help of Qt library.Supported operating systems:GNU/LinuxFreeBSDMicrosoft WindowsSupported formats:MPEG1 layer 2/3Ogg VorbisOgg OpusNative FLAC, Ogg FLACMusepackWavePacktracker modules (mod, s3m, it, xm, etc)ADTS AACCD AudioWMA,...
8 .6
Sep 19 2020

Click Radio 0.3.7

Audioplayers by Upgreyed
Click Radio is lightweight and simple gui interface media app project of mine as to be very easy to use. Click and play features: * Music radio streamer * Streamripper recorder * Plays local music files * Creates a music playlist * CD-ROM music player * CD-R music burner * Youtube media...
Debian (.deb) RedHat (RPM) Source-Code
6 .9
Sep 07 2020

Strawberry Music Player

Audioplayers by jonaski
Strawberry is a music player and music collection organizer. It is a fork of Clementine released in 2018 aimed at music collectors and audiophiles. The name is inspired by the band Strawbs.
AppImage Debian (.deb) open/Suse (RPM) RedHat (RPM) OS-X compatible Source-Code Windows Binary
5 .8
Aug 15 2020

TRB Music Player

Audioplayers by thehardgamer
A simple music player i wrote in python, can also convert youtube videos to mp3 and save them locally and convert almost any local music format to mp3Requirements-:For linux-> You need to have python installed along with ffmpeg, you can simply clone the source and run it as "python main.py"...
Source-Code Windows Binary
5 .0
Aug 13 2020

Meson Player

Audioplayers by hb882
Meson Player is a very convenient audio player if you don't need any flashy GUI to control the playback or manage playlists. You just run it and then forget about it. The player is running in a background. Switching tracks, volume control, loading and saving playlists, all of this can be done...
5 .0
May 17 2020


Audioplayers by hb882
mStream is a personal music streaming server. You can use mStream to stream your music from your home computer to any device, anywhere.NOTE: This is only to provide appimages, I am not the developer.
5 .0
May 03 2020

Speaky MiniPlayer

Audioplayers by hb882
Speaky MiniPlayer is a minimalist music controller for Spotify that has an integrated robotic radio speaker. This robotic speaker provides information about the music you're currently listening to (such as title, artist, album...) by using a synthetic voice.NOTE: This is only to provide...
5 .0
Jan 04 2020

Kaku 2.0.2

Audioplayers by AJSlye
Kaku is an highly integrated music player that supports different online platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and more.NOTE: This is only to provide appimages, I am not the developer.
5 .0
Dec 30 2019

Electron Xiami

Audioplayers by hb882
A xiami desktop application for Linux. NOTE: This is only to provide appimages, I am not the developer.
5 .0
Sep 07 2019


Audioplayers by hb882
Hypnos is a cross-platform music player and music library with a simple but powerful interface.Features:- Support for all popular audio file formats, and some esoteric audio formats (mp3, flac, ogg, alac, wav, wma, m4a, m4b, m4r, aac, aiff, ac3, amr, au, mka, ra, and voc).- Library...
5 .0
Jul 03 2019