Touchscreen extras 1.3

Various Stuff by piotrintes
TouchscreenExtras is a free tool than can provide you with all essential features you need to control your device using touchscreen.FEATURES:- simulate right click on touchscreen long press- simulate scroll on tap&move- two types of gestures for each screen edge - swipe - move your finger...
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5 .6
Aug 07 2020

Albert App Launcher BS Themes 1.0

Various Stuff by fkorpsvart
Big Sur Themes for Alber App LauncherBased on Big Sur themes for macOS application launcher "Alfred", I have created these themes for Linux application launcher "Albert";Giving transparency and playing with the elements to give the appearance of "Alfred" for Big Sur to "Albert" App Launcher for...
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6 .0
Aug 06 2020

meteo-qt 2.0

Various Stuff by dglent
A system tray application for the weather statusData from OpenWeatherMapTo translate meteo-qt:https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/meteo-qt/
7 .6
Jun 07 2020

Aero Glass Tint2 0.1b

Various Stuff by Hazuki
This is a tint2-alike of a very familiar (if much-reviled...) taskbar theme from Washington State. I felt it was a shame that such a nice idea had to be associated with such a trainwreck of an OS, and have recreated something matching it fairly closely in tint2.PLEASE NOTE: - This theme...
5 .0
Jan 19 2020

Spotify Dark Titlebar Tweak 1.0

Various Stuff by hackan301
A tweak that makes Spotify use the dark theme variant for its titlebar.If you are a fan of that some applications are bright while others are dark, then this is for you!This tweak gives you a new desktop menu item (when you right-click the application/running icon) from which you can manually...
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Sep 09 2019

kmail messages list theme v0.1

Various Stuff by pereiraalex
Theme cloned from kmail's inteligent messages list view.On second screenshot, go into kmail configuration/settings and follow the red rectangules.In english: Go into "Appearence", "Message List".Then "Import Theme"Select the file in download.Then select the new theme.
5 .8
Oct 25 2014

Nicer Icon Theme and layout for Recoll

Various Stuff by stalin2000
If the Icons are too big in recoll simply replace them in this folder:/usr/share/recoll/images (access this folder with root privileges)In order to make the result list look much, much nicer and easier to read you can also add this html-code.Go to Settings -> GUI Settings -> Result list...
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6 .6
Jun 29 2014

Evolvere KTelepathy Adium message style 1.0.0

Various Stuff by franksouza183
Part of Evolvere theme suit, soonDemo: http://youtu.be/4mF-AnPwIR8Installation:On Kubuntu install it by extracting the file in ~/.kde/share/apps/ktelepathy/styles/, or in /usr/share/kde4/apps/ktelepathy/styles/ for all users.The path is probably similar in other distros.
7 .4
Mar 16 2014

Kubuntu branding for dark themes

Various Stuff by MarcosBox
Kubuntu branding for dark themes like Caledonia.Replace or rename the branding.svgz of your dark plasma theme with this.
5 .0
Feb 23 2014

Longest List of Internet Radio Stations

Various Stuff by Brahimsalem
- This is the longest list of radio stations which I made for Radio TrayTo install:copy the extracted file, 'bookmarks.xml', to ~/.local/share/radiotray
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6 .5
Oct 28 2013