Tescla - aMSN 0.0.05

aMSN by seniDEac
This Theme for aMSN, intend to be light whit touch of of "MacOX aqua"... Then a make some variations..In this same DownLoad pages possible to find other themes for Gnome interface.Este é um Tema para o aMSN onde tentei deixar um tema leve, com toques do 'aqua'.Depois criando variações...
4 .1
Feb 14 2012

Amsn bluepe cat 2.0

aMSN by gbrielpe
Skin for amsn.recomendation: combined with Tibanna (theme for Kde)in: /home/user/.amsn/skins/
5 .0
Jul 31 2010

Live Ultimate skin for AMSN 1.05

aMSN by Lele1988
Live AMSN skin that fits well in about every gtk theme.This theme is mostly based on the following: * aMSN Live! aMSN Skin by Gus-Arg * Windows Live 9 aMSN Skin by Jemaga - Version: 2.0 * Windows Live 9 aMSN Skin by CrowHuman - Version: 1.0All credits go to the respective...
5 .8
Jun 18 2010

Oxygen (aMSN skin) 2.1

aMSN by jimmy88
A nice aMSN skin for better integration in KDE! The name of the file is : oxygen-default.zip because I plan to release this version of the skin in different colours e.g. oxygen-red , oxygen-green , oxygen-pink ecc... :DPLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT !IF YOU LIKE IT YOU COULD VOTE IN THE POLL FOR...
6 .3
May 28 2010

Skin aMSN 1.0

aMSN by Haseo
Este es un skin para mujeres de aMSN en version 1.0 .Por Pedro FleitechileThis is a skin for aMSN women in version 1.0 .For Pedro Fleite chile
5 .0
May 06 2010
5 .0
Apr 19 2010

ElementaryClearlooks aMSN skin 1.0

aMSN by masz
It's a try of integration with Elementary theme for aMSN.- Based on unified and Elementary amsn skins.http://www.amsn-project.net/skins.php#11http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Elementary+for+AMSN?content=120866- Newemail sound is from Dream pack by...
5 .0
Mar 29 2010

iStation skin for amsn (leopard like) 1.0

aMSN by ND42
This is my first version and my very first skin. Hope you like it. It's optimized for Snow Leopard, i'm not really sure how it looks on linux since i don't use any distribution, youre welcome to hold the skin and optimize it for your O.S if you want.If you rate negatively give your reason! so i...
5 .0
Mar 18 2010

Elementary for AMSN 0.1

aMSN by nenelinux
my first skin for AMSN are free to improve it and distribute it as they wishlooks great with elementary themesorry for my English I used google translator hehehejust uncompress the file in /home/user/.amsn/skins
5 .0
Feb 28 2010

Dust theme aMSN 3.0

aMSN by Jemaga
Modificacion del skin por defecto de aMSN, solo se le ha cambiado el color de la interfaz lo demás sigue por defecto.Me ha pasado como en otros skins, el cursor no se puede ver debido al color negro dado en los menus. Ya esta solucionado.Si alguien esta dispuesto aportar iconos para este tema...
5 .0
Jan 28 2010