Adapta-Nokto-Solid-Flat color scheme for digkam on GTK+ 1.0

Digikam by hackan301
One again it is confusing to categorize this... - It is for digikam, but it is meant to make digikam blend in with the GTK+ Adapta Nokto theme :-D::: Installation :::1) Download the *.colors file (... really? :-D )2) Put it in a "colorschemes" folder which digikam knows about.It can...
5 .0
Oct 27 2018

SimpleRounded theme for Digikam/Kipi 2.0

Digikam by enaut
This is a kipi-html-export theme that uses flat shapes with rounded corners.InstallTo use this theme you must install the kipi-plugins in your image software. I tested and used this theme with Digikam which is a pretty impressive open source image management software.To install copy the...
5 .0
Jun 21 2013

Vanilla theme for DigiKam/Kipi HTML Export 1.3.0

Digikam by wjarosz
This is a theme for Digikam's Kipi HTML export function. It's based on Adobe Lightroom's default HTML export template.The theme features a grid layout for the thumbnails with a soft drop-shadow on the images. There are various color presets available. It can also optionally use Lytebox (by...
5 .0
Sep 05 2007

Elegant theme for DigiKam/Kipi HTML Expo 1.4.0

Digikam by wjarosz
This is a theme for Digikam's Kipi HTML export function. It's based on the "Simple" theme by Aurélien Gâteau but uses Lytebox (by Markus F. Hay http://www.dolem.com/lytebox/) to display the images in a slideshow.Note: I developed this theme using features in the new kipi-plugins 1.4.0. If you...
5 .0
Sep 05 2007

Blue Frames theme for DigiKam HTML export Blue

Digikam by purplegamba
This theme, based on Ruediger Bente's frames theme, moves some of the stylesheet elements around for a cleaner look. Probably best used with thumbnails of size 60px and photos of size 600px. To install (at least on Gentoo), untar this file to /usr/share/apps/kipiplugin_htmlexport/themes/Requires...
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5 .0
May 26 2007