SuSE-Elegant GfxBoot Screen 1.0

GFXBoot by crimarova64
GfxBoot Screen para Open SuSE, probado en las versiones de la 11.04 a la 12.1
5 .8
Aug 30 2012

Oxygen Grub 2 Theme 1.0

GFXBoot by LegendaryBibo
A Grub 2 theme based on the KDE 4 Oxygen theme.Install directions are in the tar file.Also, if someone had links to Oxygen themed distro icons, I'd be more than happy to update them.One more thing, as I'm not a KDE user, I had to base this off of screenshots which is probably a whole mixture of...
7 .2
Nov 04 2011

OpenSuse-CK Gfx bootscreen 1.1

GFXBoot by kutzmann
OpenSuse-CK Gfx bootscreen 1.1install:place the "message" cpio-file in the /boot/grub/ directory ...(and change your grub config file to contain "gfxmenu /boot/grub/message" at the top of the file.)New version: without bar in the top/header ;-)...design by Christopher Kutzmann ;-)Please leave you
5 .0
Jun 20 2011

OpenSuse-CK Gfx bootscreen 1.0

GFXBoot by kutzmann
OpenSuse-CK Gfx bootscreeninstall:place the "message" cpio-file in the /boot/grub/ directory ...(and change your grub config file to contain "gfxmenu /boot/grub/message" at the top of the file.)...design by Christopher Kutzmann ;-)Please leave your comment and vote it....,or write us an email,...
6 .6
Jun 16 2011

Arch Linux Install

GFXBoot by kureshii
These are splash screens designed to look like the Arch Linux install media splash. The vectorised master is included, and has been rasterised to PNG at a variety of pixel dimensions. Sample syslinux.cfg files are not included.
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5 .8
Apr 04 2011

MIB Ossigeno Ultimate Gfxboot 4.0

GFXBoot by emanueleeeee
INSTRUCTION (tested on Mandriva 2010.1):download and extract the image and open the terminallogin as root and type:cp -i IMAGE_PATH/IMAGENAME.jpg /usr/share/gfxboot/themes/Mandriva-Free/back.jpggrub-gfxmenu --update-theme
6 .6
Dec 23 2010

KDE4 Debian 0.1

GFXBoot by Ezy
gfxboot theme from wallpapers and artwork I found.
5 .0
Jun 11 2010

Gentoo-blue GRUB gfx-theme 1280x1024 0.1

GFXBoot by lonk
Created from OpenSuSE 10.3 themeThanks to xactive for his KDE theme:http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/blue-gentoo+kdm?content=46540For 1280x1024 32bit !! (also 1024x768 mode is supported)I advise to check supported videomodes by your BIOS with vbetest tool (sys-libs/lrmi package)For patching...
5 .0
Mar 17 2010

Debian Monster [gfxboot] 1.0

GFXBoot by AmericanJesus
GFXBoot Theme based on debian monster [fbsplash]http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/debian+monster+%5Bfbsplash%5D?content=108424AMD64 (x86-64) not tested
5 .0
Oct 06 2009

Da Vinci

GFXBoot by jimreynold2nd
Simple installation guide: Place the "message" file in your /boot/grub/ directory and change your grub config file to contain "gfxmenu /boot/grub/message" at the top of the file. If you don't already have gfxboot or if your version of gfxboot doesn't work, look down to "How to install...
5 .0
Jun 22 2009