K-Umts 1.1 rc1

Various KDE Stuff by Divilinux
This utility uses wvdial ,in order to connect your 3G UMTS "Option" card to your laptop or pcmcia adaptorConfigure section provide password,username and number to dialYou can create a wvdial.config file in /tmp directory with "save config" buttonAt reboot temp file will be destroyed for...
5 .0
Jan 27 2007

Kopete Away Message Updater 0.2

Various KDE Stuff by bram85
Call this script from the Autostart folder, and it will update Kopete's away message for each interval (requires Kopete 0.12 or higher). The away messages are by default defined in ~/.kopete-away-msgs . Each line can contain either: - a comment (starting with a #) - flags messageThe flags...
5 .0
Jan 14 2007

KCatalog 1.0

Various KDE Stuff by kichi777
KCatalog is an Multimedia catalog utility which allows you to organize huge collection of MP3/Movie files in your hard disks,CD's,DVD's or any other media . You can explore your multimedia collection easily and find the file you wish in just a few seconds. KCatalog provides extensive support to...
5 .0
Jan 08 2007

Kio-Sword 0.3

Various KDE Stuff by spookster
Kio-Sword is a lightweight easy-to-use Bible tool for KDE. It provides access to Bibles, commentaries and other texts in an easy to use and attractive interface -- the Konqueror web browser. It does so using the SWORD Bible project and implementing a KDE ioslave, providing the sword:/ protocol....
5 .0
Dec 16 2006

nitrox 0.5

Various KDE Stuff by Der-Bazi
Nitrox Gas Blender in German
5 .0
Dec 03 2006

Kissdcompanion V0.5

Various KDE Stuff by bkv
Kissdcompanion is a GUI program to be used with the kissd daemon and the networked mediaplayers from KiSS Technology. It was written for personal use and as a programming exercise in Ruby, but I decided to make it available to the public.Its main feature is to enable a sort of playlists and to...
5 .0
Nov 20 2006

Kubuntu 6.10 (edgy)

Various KDE Stuff by jriddell
Kubuntu is a user friendly operating system based on KDE, the K Desktop Environment. With a predictable 6 month release cycle part of the Ubuntu project, Kubuntu is the GNU/Linux distribution for everyone.
5 .0
Oct 26 2006

Gregorian to Mayan Calendar Convertor 0.2

Various KDE Stuff by S4mdfOo1
What is the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar ?(en,es,..) http://tortuga.com(fr) http://tortuga.usebynet.com/Why ?see Wikipedia : Gregorian/Julian CalendarsAs softwares shouldn't be possessed by any.world power, Time shouldn't either !With French translation...NB : First KDE program, first C++ app, first...
5 .0
Oct 15 2006

Underground Desktop 029

Various KDE Stuff by ciccioa
Underground Desktop is an i686-optimized GNU/Linux distribution targeted to the desktop user, based on Arch Linux.Its main features are: * Ease of installation. The installer will guide you through the installation in a simple and effective way. * Arch Linux based. Underground...
5 .0
Oct 13 2006

Sabayon Linux x86-64 Edition

Various KDE Stuff by lxnay
The x86-64 Edition is made for 64bit processors like AMD Athlon64, AMD Opteron, AMD Sempron64, Intel Celeron and Pentium4 with EM64T extensions. If you have one of these CPUs, that's the best version to unleash the power of your Computer. SabayonLinux x86-64 is the most advanced installable Live...
5 .0
Sep 21 2006