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VLC Playlist Parsers by noobsoftware
NoobCinema creates a library from your movies folders. Then you can add movies to folders and keep track of recently watched movies, and movies not watched recently. And add movies to a queue and generate playlists for VLC. You can also show 1-5 randomly selected movies from each folder or your...
playlist library movie addon
Feb 02 2021


VLC Playlist Parsers by noobsoftware
NoobTV creates a library from your TV Shows folder, which you can then create schedules from and generate playlists to simulate the experience of television. Scheduled shows can be played in-sequence or episodes can be chosen randomly. NoobTV uses NumRand a random number generator based on...
playlist television tv tv-shows addon generator
Feb 04 2021


VLC Extensions by thebamby
Adds files following the last loaded file in current playlist. I. e. opens the file directory of the last file, and queues all files, which are alphabetically after the file. Code by me, icon by
autoloader addon vlc playlist
Dec 18 2020