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Sep 05 2017
Turns out, I needed to update it to 0.10.2 and then delete the VLSub 0.9.0 from extensions directory. - May 14 2017
I have an issue. VLSub 0.10 searches the subtitles and they're displayed, but when I hit Download selection, it displays "Downloading Subtitles" but nothing happens, and then "Extension not responding. Do you want to kill it?" What to do?
I'm using VLC 2.2.4 - May 14 2017
For those who have trouble with Vlsub 0.9.13, do the following. Go here C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc and open the hosts file in Notepad and at the end add, "" without quotes. Restart Vlc and this will solve the issue. - Nov 01 2016