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Plasmoid to control keyboard and screen brightness on asus N76VZ (as long as this does not work directly from KDE). It uses /proc acces thus +w attribute on the following is needed:

It's based on Nvidia Brightness plasmoid:

Install: plasmapkg -i n76vz-brightness.zip

Use +/- plasmoid buttons or mouse wheel while over the plasmoid to change brightness.

Tested on asus N76VZ.

With kernel since ~3.9.2 this plasmoid might not start. This is because the module asus-nb-wmi does not load autmoatically so the keyboard /proc entries are missing. Simply load the module.

Latest update - all this is now handled natively by battery applet (as of KDE/Fedora 20).
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7 years ago

0.1 - first version


8 years ago

I have a ASUS n76vz, and try to get some FN+ Shortcuts to work.

It's good to see, that also other one work on this. So i share some link and Knowledge here.

For my ASUS on KDE, i got the LCD-Brightness working with changing Global-KDE-Shortcuts.
How i made this?

Open System Settings > Shortcuts & Gestures > Global Keyboard Shortcuts. Change the drop down to "KDE Daemon", and you should see "Decrease Screen Brightness" and "Decrease Screen Brighness" shortcuts which you can then configure.

There i have use META+Shift ++ F5/F6 for testing, and it works and shows up a nice osd.

So i still wonder, which OSD is here fired, and maybe, if the kbd-brightness could be fired with the same osd?!

Follow this Thread here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/108518540557377886109/posts/jmnFpwnt37T

And maybe have a look here on kde-aps.org at my Script, http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/ASUS+Touchpad+Toggle+OSD?content=157204




8 years ago

Hi suther,
I don't really work on this :) It's just a temporary prosthesis.
In my case the Fn+ are properly received, just the action executed on them is invalid.


7 years ago

0.1 - first version

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