The Only Right RAM Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


Small graph, showing stacked memory - application, buffered and cached. Refresh time can be configured.

installation from file:
plasmapkg -i the-only-right-ram-monitor.plasmoid

I've been looking for it for some time (system monitor in kde3 could stack graphs, kde4 seems to can't do it )-: ), eventually I've decided to write it myself.

Why I needed it so badly? Well, nowadays RAM seems to be the most occupied device, so keeping track of it can be critical to performance of your pc. On Linux buffered and cached memory is somewhere between free and occupied - it's occupied by system, but any time it can be given to some application.

Bugs and feature-requests are welcome (-:

Known bugs:
- sometimes gradients aren't drawn as neat as they could be.

PS. Plasmoid was firstly written in C++, then rewritten to Python - so the code may be not perfectly beautiful (-; Btw, if you want C++ version, contact me - it maybe somewhat faster, but is really more difficult to install.
Last changelog:

10 years ago

1.1 - fixed bug: no config window on Polish interface
1.0 - initial version



10 years ago

It shouldn't be hard to customize this to suit your needs (if you have some programming skills). You can unzip this file, edit and install it back (propably changing name in metadata.desktop, to not conflict with the old one), as it is explained in:

My script uses systemmonitor data engine, so you can use all sensors it uses. Run plasmaengineexplorer and choose systemmonitor as engine - it will list all sensors. You can change sensor names in the beginning of a file (don't forget to adjust SENSORS_COUNT).



10 years ago

damn, i was disappointed when they ditched that nice ram monitor from kde3, not porting it to 4.x.
glad, i'm not the only one who craving it back :)

now, if i only could find replacement for its brother - equally nice-looking cpu-monitor, and their cousins - cells of system monitor's various indicators for panel...
default kde4 temperature, fan, etc. indicators are ugly and gigantic as elephant's shit.


10 years ago

1.1 - fixed bug: no config window on Polish interface
1.0 - initial version

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