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This is a KDE port of the Buuf icon theme by mattahan (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/37966044/). This can be considered a test release. Far from finished. But (probably) working.

This theme was created by a Gnome => KDE theme converter which I am working on. So there's a good chance this theme is pretty buggy. I will release updates to the theme and release the script itself eventually as I refine both.


This theme inherits the Umicons 2.0 theme (http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=7214). If you don't have that theme installed, this one will look pretty screwy. There are a lot of holes in this theme which Umicons fills nicely.


Sorry about the need for a build script, but I can't afford to host a 65MB archive file. Someone feel free to mirror the complete icon theme file if you want.

1. Extract the .tar.bz2.
2. Run ./build.rb inside. (Requires Ruby.)
3. Copy the Buuf directory to ~/.kde/share/icons

NOTE: Highly experimental, fair warning, I wrote the build script in 10 minutes, etc. etc. If the build script erases your hard drive, kicks you in the kneecaps, and/or insults your ancestors, it's not my fault. All the build script is doing is resizing 128x128 icons to other sizes in other directories.
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14 years ago

Added a mirror download link. Thanks Niko.

0.1 Original release


14 years ago

i loved this theme for gnome and now that i moved to kde i miss it...
maybe turn back to gnome???
Any way, when i use it taskbar icons get bigger and dont fit at all.
I've found the way but now i can't find it

good job!
and all my greatings

(excuse my english, is quite poor)


14 years ago

Added a mirror download link. Thanks Niko.

0.1 Original release

product-maker daanie902 Sep 11 2011 9 excellent
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0.1 (test release)
updated Oct 16 2006
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