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Okay, so here is the first alpha release of Congo. These are 48x48 PNG images for you to use as you'd like for non-commercial purposes. I haven't started naming the icons for use with KDE 3.x or 4.x, because I haven't created a fully usable set, and I've only made them at 48 px resolution. When finished I will also be releasing it for gnome. Most of these icons follow the Tango guidelines, but this might change in the future depending on comments.

Please help by leaving constructive comments so I can make this icon set better. If you vote negatively, please leave a reason why.

They will be released as GPL v2 or v3 upon the full release.


13 years ago

i don't like tango but your works is pretty good!
We're waitin' only a final iconset



13 years ago

These are very nice icons. I think your "headed in the right direction" with these. Slick and easy on the eyes! I'm going to use these. Beautiful job! keep going!



13 years ago

the set looks very tangible and toy-like, and also easy on the eyes. icons like konqueror and folder have an original look, nearly flat yet jumping out at you. the lightning is subtle but noticeable, which is good.

the red konsole and yellow film strip are weird, they should be black.

the colors you've chosen don't go well together. try something more pastel for broad areas (the khaki folder icon is good!) but do throw splashes of loud color here and there -- with moderation ;)

the mimetypes are, uh, okay. could use some more bling.

the floppy icon looks pretty good but it hurts my head a little as the lightning is all wrong.

the amarok icon looks like it has a front panel made of glass, but glass blocks sound, so this makes no sense at all you see ;) also it's hard to recognize.

then come the action icons. those are super lame. the colors are unbalanced and the lightning is too plain. try HSL-style gradients, i.e. don't fade to lightblue, fade to a faint white.

in general i like how the filmstrip, the cd drive and other icons have a tango-style contrasting border. it's pretty.

you often put grey next to a saturated color, but those conflict. e.g. on the filmstrip, floppy, action icons, konsole, ksysguard...

i think the power of your set is quirky minimalism. don't jump into much detail, but when you do, make it work ;)

check out Oxygen, nuoveXT2, Crystal Project and Crystal Clear for inspiration.

voted bad for bad execution, but you seem to have a good vision.



13 years ago

Really nice job !!!! bravo



13 years ago

One of the beste Icon-Set I've seen!



13 years ago



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product-maker aledz May 29 2011 9 excellent
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