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Smoothglass is a preset for QTCurve and cross-desktop theme style that works for both GNOME and KDE, and a lighter, more modern look based on my previous work on Oxymentary Theme.

It includes both the QTCurve settings file as well as the KDE color scheme which can be imported via KDE's System Settings/Appearance applet.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a 'window decoration' theme, I am using a custom emerald-decorator to render the window titlebars. This QTCurve theme will style all of your other interface elements like tabs, buttons, etc.

To use this theme:

1) Make sure QTCurve is installed for all desktop environments you want to use this theme on.

2) Run "systemsettings" (the KDE System Settings tool) and go into "Appearance". Set the theme as QTCurve.

3) Configure QTCurve here, click on "Import" from the QTCurve settings applet and select the oxymentary-theme.qtcurve file you downloaded.

4) You're done! If you're also using a GNOME2 desktop, also run gnome-appearance-properties, select 'customize' and set QTCurve as your selected controls style.


9 years ago

Well, Does BZII fully work on Linux? O_O
BTW, what is the distro you use?
I use OpenSUSE 11.4 and must boot into this (aw****) Windope when I wanna play this game... Will it run through Wine or is there a Linux code?




9 years ago

Yes, BZ2 runs just fine on linux if you have wine installed. It takes a little bit of work to get it running though.

It's advisable that you run the 1.3 patch and then go through all of the installers it presents (ie: Visual C++ Runtime, Direct3D setup, etc), and then run winecfg, go into the 'libraries' tab and create a new entry called 'dbghelp' and then set the order to (builtin,native). You may also wish to also go into the graphics tab in winecfg and uncheck 'allow window manager to control windows' as this can cause some oddities with screen resolution. If you have further issues ask around on and I or someone else can help you get BZ2 running on linux. The distro I use is Pinguy OS 11.04.


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