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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


This is a port of Appows2010 Work by neiio for Emerald (pixmap engine).

Turn off 'Button Fade Pulse' in Emerald's Settings but leave 'Button Fade' on for the best effect.

By default the theme is set up to only show the minimize, maximise and close buttons, but it does contain a full set of pixmaps for window menu, shade/un-shade, stick/un-stick and set above/un-set above.

These can be made visible by editing the 'Title-bar Object Layout'.

The original source material is copyrighted by neiio and is reproduced with his permission.

In his words: "Much love and work went into this, please no mods without permission."

This looks particularly good in Gnome when combined with tiheum's Faenza Dark icon set
and perfectska04's Shiki-Colors widgets

I customized Shiki-Wise with the following colours:

Windows Background:#E6E4DF
Windows Text:#101010
Input Boxes Background:#FFFFFF
Input Boxes Text: #101010
Selected items Background: #B3B3AF
Selected items Text: #FFFFFF
Tooltips Background: #F5F5B5
Tooltips Text: #101010
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Beryl and Emerald are theme decorators used under Compiz to provide window themes.

Themes can also be used with KDE Plasma via Smaragd: