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Updated to work with Screenlets version 0.0.12 on 27 Feb 2008

This is a connected set of themes for the Picframe Screenlet.
Open 3 instances of the Picframe Screenlet, set them as triptych1, triptych2 and triptych3 respectively.
Align them like my example using "properties/options".

For Screenlets version 0.0.12
Download "archived_themes.tar.gz" to your desktop.
Right click on it and open with "archive manager".
Extract the folder to your desktop.(Inside it are all the original themes as .tar.bz2 files... Leave them like this).
Open "Screenlets Manager" from System, Preferences, Screenlet Manager.
Select the picframe screenlet and press (install Screenlet Theme).
Navigate to the extracted folder "archived_themes".
Select the theme you require and press Open.
Restart the picframe screenlet.
Your new theme should now be available.
Repeat as for all.

For older versions of Screenlets the individual folders (triptych1, triptych2, triptych3) need to be unpacked to your screenlets/Picframe/themes folder.
You should be able to select these themes from the picframe screenlets menu under "themes".

Using the settings shown in the screenshot (image scale 0.45, offset X 3, offset Y 13) I get good results with png files in a local folder resized to 200 x 150 px.

This is a quick re-working of the film-dark theme, alignment is not absolutely perfect (but looks ok at size 150%).
Feel free to rework the themes using an svg editor like inkscape. Post the results on this site so we can all share :-)

These themes are also included in my Screenlets "Clear-enGlish Theme pack".
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13 years ago

Updated to work with Screenlets version 0.0.12

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13 years ago

Updated to work with Screenlets version 0.0.12

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