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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


Author Karim El "mouton sauvage" Khalifa
This Screenlet Was not made by me, i just posted it because Screenlets.org is gone... and i didnt what to lose screenlets hosting

Wallpaper Changer Screenlet is a wallpaper manager that can change your background images at regular intervals. It features JPEG and PNG support. Several options are provided, including the ability to download the interestingness picture of the day on flickR.com site, get random pictures from art.gnome.org and query pictures on images.google.com service. You can also add your own picture from a local directory.


11 years ago

Unfortunately it won't Launch for me. Using 9.04 with Screenlets 0.1.2



11 years ago

hi, it's failing because the jpeg utility library it uses is error-ing.
i'm not a python programmer so haven't fixed it, but have made it work again by simply commenting out the import statement that causes the error.
the code i've commented out is to do with reading EXIF data from JPEG files and doesn't appear to be called by wallpaper changer (yet - i haven't tested thoroughly)
but you can do the same as me:
. open the file __init__.py in <path to screenlets dir>/WallpaperChanger/jpeg/
. put a hash (#) at the beginning of line 7 - it will now read "#import util"
. start the screenlet again



13 years ago

A nice screenlet - a bit of fun that made me smile. The preview of the next wallpaper to be shown in the picture frame in front of Tux is a really nice touch :-)

There seem to be a couple of minor bugs though:

1. The Screenlet loses some of its settings every time I reboot my PC - it stays in the same location on the Desktop, but the "Hide" box unchecks itself, and sometimes so does the "Keep below" box - the Screenlet still displays correctly however and in the correct location.
2. Sometimes the Screenlet randomly shows the next wallpaper - there doesn't seem to be any working way of controlling this.

Great Screenlet though! :-)


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