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This Metacity theme begins with my attempt of changing the colors of the theme Natural Moocow (by lexming).

After some time it diverged from the original, so I'm sharing it here just in case someone will be interested.

Keep in mind that there are other similar themes as:
Rounder Moocow (by lexming)
Fitts GNOME (by albyrock87)
Gnome Natural (by maxsideburn)
All based in the Mockup Natural Metacity (by 0rAX0).


When maximized has no borders and the corners are not rounded.
It follows the colors selected by the user.

Two versions

It comes with two versions, the normal one and gray.
Both use the user selected color for the active window.
The normal version uses a mix between the selected color and the background color for the inactive windows.
The gray version uses a third color defined by GTK, normally gray-ish.

Minor bugs

It needs a menu button at the extreme left and a close button at the extreme right.
Is it possible to enforce a button configuration?


8 years ago

I like the idea. I've just made a theme inspired from this and the mockup. This is my first theme so I will be glade if you can make a comment on my page!!
link :


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