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Simple Black semi-glassy theme with buttons similar to my EnergyOrange theme. They are however in now way related. I will be happy to answer any questions about the functionality or core design of this, if you have any after use*.

PS: I will personally guarantee you right now you will no where else ever find a pixmap metacity theme that is smaller (when packaged) in filesize than it's screenshot! I will also guarantee you that you will not find any pixmap metacity theme equal-to or smaller in unpackaged filesize than this one! If you do manage to hunt one down though, please drop me a link and I will give you 10% off this theme!

PPS: the GTK theme is not included - I did not make it, it just goes well

*After a little while, you may be wondering a few things, some may be different than others depending on your skill and knowledge of metacity. They may be things like "why do the maximized/shaded/unfocused states all look the same?", and "why is there no difference in the maximize/restore button?" The answers go hand in hand: I designed this to be an extremely simple theme, and thus realized there was no need for many files which were going to be unused. For instance, there is no difference in looks between the "maximized/shaded" and "unfocused" states because, well, there aren't any. there is one look - thats it. And, because there is technically no maximized state, there is no need for 2 different maximize/restore buttons - they are simply thought of as 2 size presets and a "zoom" button, like in Mac OS X.
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Metacity was the default window manager used by the GNOME 2 desktop environment until it was replaced by Mutter in GNOME 3.  Wikipedia