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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


For those wanting an easy-to-use script to automate watching and converting tv through a tv tuner/capture card, here is one for you.

It is very easy to use; just follow the popup menu, and you will be set.

It allows for easy playing of your digital/analog tv tuner/capture card, via mplayer and/or tvtime. It also allows for simple real-time conversion between digital/analog tv to avi/mpg.

Credit goes to Jose Catre-Vandis for the original version of this. I did a complete overhaul/tweaking of his original script, including adding dvb/analog playing options, as well as combining the original three scripts into one.


sudo apt-get install mencoder zenity

1. A working dvb card and/or analog tv card
2. If dvb, a ~/.mplayer/channels.conf
- can scan dvb channels and create this by:
- sudo scan /usr/share/dvb/atsc/us-ATSC-center-frequencies-8VSB > ~/.mplayer/channels.conf
3. If analog, a channel list, and tuned in!
- (all channels must have no spaces!)
- can scan analog channels and tune in by (for use with tvtime):
- tvtime-scanner
4. Determine where your tv card is located, and change if need be (script set on 'video1')
- tvtime-configure -d /dev/video0 if tvtime, otherwise, change 'video1' to 'video0' in the script

To Run (3 ways):

1. Just double click it. It should automatically open and then just follow its own menu from there

2. Run in a terminal window and optionally input the path to the script:


3. Run as a nautilus-script, by right-clicking and selecting the script; it will start the menu options automatically (so long as the script is inside your '~/.gnome/nautilus-scripts' folder)
Last changelog:

9 years ago

1.0: Initial Release

1.1: Added audio quality options

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9 years ago

1.0: Initial Release

1.1: Added audio quality options

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