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Transtitulator, translate audio, videos, and automatically write an susbtitles text file, .srt, do this with google speech recognition, and google-translate

Usage: Transtitulator ,
Or browse to your video, and select the lenguages

Transtitulator-gtk have a zenity progress bar. Caution this script depends of been with Transtitulator in the same folder, if you rename the script, should modify the command line, it is in the last end line.

In , its also available "auto" case you dont know the language of the audio. The languages available are 67.

You can change the language interface by execute: /

To use in nautilus-script. Replace $1, by : $NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS

Install dependencies:
sudo apt-get install ffmpeg curl wget mplayer

Possible fails: 1, The function when process the audio, it's cut in 8 seconds fragments, and this probably cut some words. 2, Is beter to google voice recongition, use clean audio, without music, or other voices, and how ever, can give errors on the convertion, also google translate, but is real that google have got fast evolu in the sources.

Im sure that its can made beter, but is a start, I hope be help in something.
Enjoy, greetings!

# Write by Rodrigo Esteves #

Final revision Mar /1 /2014
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