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This program automates the process of renaming image files in a folder so they sort in desired sequence. The idea is simple -- rename each file by inserting a number as the first characters of the existing name. Once this is done, files can easily be REarranged just by editing those numbers.


The download provides three files:

Put the download file in your home folder (not ~/Desktop) and extract.

Launch the script "ordinator". A folder ~/Desktop/ordinator will be created (if it does not exist). This is the folder that is monitored by 'fsniper'.

Drag-and-drop files to this folder (hold CONTROL if you want copies). Each file will be numbered (using only odd numbers) in the order in which they are added. Files are always named with odd numbers so that there's always "a slot" for inserting new files.

To rearrange files in the folder, right-click a file and run the script "RE-ordinator". A list of all files pops up. Just click the new location and then OK. You can also manually rename a file to change its number. When any change is made in the folder (renaming, adding, or deleting files) affected files are automatically renumbered as needed.

An existing folder can be renamed to ~/Desktop/ordinator if you want to use this program to sort it.

~/Desktop/ordinator can be moved to elsewhere on your system when you have completed your sorting.
Last changelog:

10 years ago

0.01 Initial release
0.02 Adjusted to ensure that 'fsniper' terminates when the main script ends

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10 years ago

0.01 Initial release
0.02 Adjusted to ensure that 'fsniper' terminates when the main script ends

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