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This nautilus script allows you to split up a movie file into several pieces, based on a maximum file size that you specify. This can be useful for uploading to YouTube or other sites where there is a cap on filesize.

To avoid the audio and video from becoming out of sync, this script will re-transcode the video file before splitting it up. This method isn't fast, but it should produce a much higher quality outcome. This temporary file is moved to the user's trash after the whole process is complete.

I wrote this script as a request from Cycron http://gnome-look.org/usermanager/search.php?username=Cycron, on my post for my Combine Video Files nautilus script http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Combine+Video+Files?content=125691. So, Cycron, thanks for the suggestion.

As always, leave comments, suggestions or feedback of any kind.

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