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This is the GnoMenu port of the Alienware Darkstar Theme made for Alienware by Stardock.

This is a complete theme package; Icons, Buttons, Menu, True Type Font and a source file in C to make use of the "Run" command in the menu.

The source file is a corrected version originally coded by Darkness that will allows the gnome-run dialog to be accessed using the command 'gnome-run' like it used to be before the gnome developers intergrated it into Gnome and forced the use of the 'Alt + F2' keyboard combination to use it. The corrected version solves the focus problem that existed in his original code. There is a README file in the "Run Dialog Setup" directory that has the instructions on how to compile and and install the command.

The font is dungeon and to use it simple copy (or move) the font to your .font hidden directory in your home folder. If it doesn't exist then simply make it. You will need to install the font for the menu to work correctly.

Using juan2000's ideas I also added 'Network Tools' and 'System Monitor' commands to the menu but opted not to add the network connection command since its a bit redundant being that it is accessible in the Notification Area of the Gnome Panel. Instead, I opted to add the run command. The problem was how to bring up the Gnome-Run dialog. That is why the c source file with instructions on how to compile and install it is included.

I am using the Dark_Star gtk2 theme by nale12 which works well. I am already working on the gtk2 and Metacity themes that will match this menu but I am new to that and don't expect to have them ready all that soon.

The theme Icons are combined Icons from the Alienware Invader theme, and a couple I downloaded from the Internet, with a couple from the Darkglass Icon set that matched the color scheme.

This menu is designed for the bottom panel, though it can be used from the top, because the alien head graphics and wording is integrated into the menu design by Stardock they will appear upside down if used from the top panel.
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Jan 02 2010
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