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WinTwin Icon Theme

Windows XP-Vista-7 type icons to complement the WinTwin Cinnamon Theme:

Combination of the w7-n icon theme and G-Xiria icon theme. While the w7-n icons are very close to Windows type, there are not very many icons in the theme. The G-Xiria icons are extensive and very colorful fitting in well with the Windows theme.

w7-n icons:

G-Xiria icons:

It is possible to just download both icon themes above, and set the Win2-7 inherits to G-Xiria. Then install both, and select the Win2-7 set. The G-Xiria icons will be used secondary, but before the default set used by LM17 or Gnome.

WinTwin has set priority internally for the w7-n icons to be selected before the G-Xiria all in one package.

All artwork is credited to the above theme authors.
Licenses: GPL and Artistic 2.0
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