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This is a new theme I created I used gnome shell adwaita but completely tweaked it to my liking. I Think I got everything the way I like it, if you find anything that doesn't look right let me know.

I think the black transparent top panel looks pretty good with this wallpaper as well as my Black & White Delight does. I have been tweaking my desktop for years and always used other people's themes and tweaks but I really feel inspired to let my own imagination just flow.

I am really thankful to all the original authors for letting me tweak there themes and would like to thank them for giving me the inspiration to step up and do it myself. For years I have always been the one who just looks at other peoples stuff and download them and use them.

It really feels good to share what I have tweaked with the Linux community and hope to continue thanks again everyone (sorry for the long post, just wanted to show my appreciation :)

OS: ArchBang (Arch Linux)

GTK3 Theme: Radiamentary by ~NanaBuluku (I changed the blue to dark grey)

Icons: Awoken White

Font: Cantarell

Added Arch icon to mint menu and removed the menu text

Removed the app icon from the top panel (I think it just looks cleaner plus I use globalmenu)

Cairo-Dock with AwOken Dark Icons at the bottom.

Wingpanel Notifier "Like" at the bottom right with a cloudy transparent backgroud.

Wallpaper: Wallbase
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