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Finally, I have made my return as I finally completed my 4th OS! Is a stunning 13.10 which I have named "Ravenswood" Loads of work and aggravation but all is doing quite nicely so I have come back to share the theme I use for Gnome Shell.

This one was hard to do! I now see the reason why most creators of Gnome-shell themes for 3.10 are making minimal changes! Sorry that is not me!!! I change something, believe me is changed! No white text unless you use that bottom message tray! That one I still do not have a cure for!!!

Once again is an "Alternative", I have to clearly state that because my themes never look like everyone else's and have some exotic characteristics that can never be accepted by people that refuse change! I want to bring something fun and enjoyable to themes, not boring crap!

Sure others believe crap is good, so for those that believe that way go to other themes and do not harass me about looks!!!! I simply do not want to see it! If you have a problem with function of the theme, that interests me and I want to make it work for you! Included in the theme is an "Instructions" folder which consists of details and picture as to obtain the same look I do for login.

A most enjoyable and fun change is going into corners! Will guarantee for those that have enjoyed my previous Cinnamon theme will enjoy this effect as is very close to the same! I want you to see that corner change, not leave it invisible!!!! Have done coloring work for almost every SVG and PNG in this theme. Is absolutely stunning and have also decreased transparency from last shell theme to make it more easy to see!

Remember text seen is my choice! I do however since this is a shell-theme leave it as an option!!! You will have the standard boring fonts everyone else has as "default". If you yearn for the wild and adventurous side as myself, the URW CHANCERY L setting is just to the right and guarded by /* */ taking those out and deleting the boring "default" will give that option to you! I always aim to make it easy as possible for everyone!!!


Above statement should be understood by all! Is hard work and want it nice for everyone. If you do not like it, simply go somewhere else and download one you like! I never force anyone to do anything they do not want to do!!!! So respect my likes and I will do likewise! Comments when problems arise, let me know and will do my very best to fix in a timely manner!
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