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Lay down your guns and hold on tight
We'll prove the world is wrong and get it rigt
No need for you to worry now the best is yet to come
Lay down your guns and stand up strong

Above lyrics(Emerson, Lake and Powell) are meant to put an end to all Rude remarks and start a fresh beginning! I have only ever meant to bring a different style and enhance one's look to that of present day technology! I do this to bring more dimension into the looks of a desktop and is no easy task to do and takes great amounts of time to which I do not ask a penny for! In fact everyone is free to change it to their liking or use it to create their own! I only ask for a little respect of which I always give all other theme creators!

With that said, unfortunately this theme does not follow my traditional "Change colors in 3 files easily!" Simply, due to the fact, selected_fg_color has been reduced to only a few tasks! Yes, is strange, but an artist/theme creator must decide what will look/work right, whether it is on canvas or now on one's computer screen! This is Ambiance-BB and of course takes my initials due to me adding all these wild touches to it! Also, remember since it takes those initials it no longer uses the original metacity, either! Those initials also stand for my real name as I never hide it!

As usual what can be seen on gtk-3.0 will show a close resemblance on gtk-2.0. The style I use is not traditional in any sense, since I find that method over done and used up! Text coloring dominates all screens seen and many colors, gradients, shades and transparencies create vast differences from the traditional! I simply want to show what can be done and the fact remaining that Linux and Gnome are fully capable of giving into high demand! Our developers are brilliant! I simply do my best to show off that fact so they can shine like they deserve to! There is no other OS this kind of look can be obtained on and they should be proud of it as they earned it!

Lastly, am only human and do make mistakes. So if you find a problem that needs to be fixed let me know! I will then do my very best to fix it so we can all use them! Remember, I use what I make, so you better believe want it working right for all of us! Have done my best to create sort of aid or enhancement to compiz since does do many color changes! Hope you will enjoy this as has taken many hours, days and months to get to this point! Remember NO SPAM AND RUDE COMMENTS ARE NOT RESPONDED TO!


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9 Sweet, just need some work morefor it


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Sweet, just need some work morefor it
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