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This theme is a remake of Purple_Popper but with the gradient not as extreme. It also picks up the same properties according to the new movement I have begun. "New Movement" simply means all gtk is by script and not pictures. Please show the same respect I have given to others and do not try to change my style, since I will not change it! Name of theme signifies a leader of Purple type themes, due to there not being so many!

You will see change of text color on backdrop in Nautilus and Nemo. Unfortunately, the same thus far can not be done for gtk-2.0! I have done my best to mimic most of gtk-3.0's properties so desktops that use gtk-2.0 will look real nice also! This format I follow should also do great on small devices due to no oversized pics to slow things down! The zipped download size is smaller than any screenshot that I have used to show how this all looks!

I was going to zip all themes after completed and upload, but have decided against, so I can add special touches and redesign some themes that need it! I want the best looks for my users. Those that use my themes know they are always rich in color and have many effects! I will only add effects and do my best to not take the major effects away! I want to show what a theme can do. I do not want to bore people with the same overdone motif and make my themes look like they are from the year 2002! My themes must look like "Present Day!" After all this is 2014!

Problems if any will be fixed immediately! Opinions are not problems! I respect other themes on here and do not downgrade anyone's work! So, I just hope that same respect can be applied to me after all, is all hard work and I do not charge a penny! SPAM NOT TOLERATED, SO DO IT SOMEWHERE ELSE!


6 years ago

Is awesome to get a nice comment, but even better when it comes from someone that has great intelligence and knows what he is creating! Is a shame this theme is now getting a lower rating and is most likely due to jealousy! Those that lack creativity seem to always cut down my themes! Those that have great creativity and do amazing things with their themes like you, seem to give me compliments! I really appreciate it and always look forward to all your great works!




6 years ago

very smooth.and well thought out. You do great work.keep it up.


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