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Who needs buttons and scrollbars to get in the way. Free yourself from the clutter with this simple flat grey theme.


12 years ago

Both of you, thank you for your comments.

Is this theme really that unusable?

You can see the words so you know where to click even though there are no buttons. Admittedly, the visible target area is reduced so perhaps the lack of buttons is not good.

As for the scrollbars, if you have a scrollable mouse wheel, you can still scroll.

Why do you need to move your mouse all the way over to the right of the screen and then try to home in on an arrow or bar?

This theme is good because it forces you to stop wasting mouse movement.

Please realise that these are meant to be discussion questions not a rebuttal of your opinions.

p.s. if you use a touchpad, I agree, it is unusable. Unless of course you have one of those funky scroll areas on it.



12 years ago

One of my pet peeves is lack of usability in a theme, but you went off the charts with this. Somehow, though, I like your blatant disregard of usability in this theme. Interesting for people who hate buttons.



12 years ago

Although the theme is not very usable, I rate you good.
I believe that if you work a little more on this idea you'll have a great theme.
be careful, some widgets must look different than just plain text.

Great idea and good job!


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